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Jan 1, 2012 09:20 PM

Baby Food

Know of any good and Kosher (nothing Chalav Stam) baby and toddler food/ snacks?
Feeling frustrated by the lack of variety out there!!!! I feed my child organic mostly - Ella's Kitchen, Earth's Best, etc.
Tried the Frum Kosher chicken ones and they all made him vomit!

Thanks :-)

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  1. My daughter likes happy baby/toddler foods. Some of the individual packages don't have a hecksher, but they are on the boxes in which they come. Check the supermarket.

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    1. re: craigcep

      I e-mailed them I believe and got a response that they are not Kosher...? I'll double check. Thanks!

      1. re: craigcep

        Went to Target and got the three kosher flavors they had to try... Thanks!

        1. re: singingfoodie

          Just an update from my friend who works for them:

          Most Happyfamily is kosher. If its not on the pouch it's on the box. All stage 1, 2, and happy tots. Most stage 3 are not and the yogurt melts are not.

      2. the Babies R Us brand squeeze packages are kosher- OU. Much cheaper than the other brands, but also not organic.

        Gerber puffs are OU-parve. Never met a kid who didnt scarf those. If you're only sticking to organic, Wealth of Health had an organic brand (finished the container, don't remem the brand) that was shaped like stars and had more of a cheerio crunchy texture. I bought the strawberry beet flavor and she loved them.

        When I asked my daughter's doctor re snacks, he said to look outside the baby aisle. Some of her favorites- cheerios, challah (with or w/o cream cheese), shoprite brand abc cookies (parve), mini pancakes, mozarella cheese- individual sticks, yogurt, cubes of banana.

        If I'm home and it's time for a snack, I'll give her a little bit of 'real' food. Mashed potatoes (mixed with a bit of baby food), sweet potato, leftover soup, a piece of chicken...

        1. Neither of my kids ever wanted to eat baby food. Eventually, we just made a giant pot of chicken soup, took out the boiled veggies, pureed them in various combinations, pureed the chicken, and froze the soup for Shabbos.

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            I've done this and my daughter loves pretty much all the combos. Whenever I make soup for dinner, I separate her portion before heating up the whole pot. If the soup is smooth, I feed it to her as is. Otherwise, I blend her portion with a stick blender in the little cup that came with it.

            She's eating minestrone soup, white bean soup, lentil soup, vegetable soup. Tonight we're having mushroom barley.

          2. My daughter loved soup at that age, especially chicken soup. If you make chicken soup, you can try feeding your baby some boiled chicken from the soup. If you have a food processor, you can even puree the chicken, thereby making your own chicken baby food.
            For snacks, my daughter loves the GoGo Squeez apple sauces. I'm not sure if they're organic, but they have all natural ingredients and are less pricey than squeezable baby food pouches. In fact, they're on sale at Target this week. Also, do you have one of those fresh food feeders (it's like a small mesh pouch with a baby-friendly handle)? My daughter loved gnawing on melon in it.

            1. So, the kosher community believes the same things everybody else does. There is no such thing as baby food and table food. It is what you make of it. Steamed carrots and then pureed and strained is baby food. Carrot sticks are three year-old and over. No issues with kosher certification that way and you save a lot of money.

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                I'm not talking about food for a young baby six month or so. My son is a year old. There is a large lack of nutritious snacks, etc available for this age! I would love healthy yogurts, cheese straws, jars that include protein ...

                1. re: singingfoodie

                  I buy the Stonyfield yogurts and the Chobani Champions for when we're on the go. When we're home, I scoop yogurt from a large tub (plain dannon or plain greek). SInce you said your son is a year old, he may like the leben yogurts. I've seen kids about his age slurp them thru a straw.

                  If he likes cheese, Costco sells a package of individually wrapped mozarella cheese sticks. I believe the brand is Natural Kosher and it's CY. 24 pcs per package and it's about $8. I've seen them in other stores, but at much higher prices.

                  1. re: cheesecake17

                    Thanks for the suggestions ... The yogurts you list are a Chalav Stam :-(
                    Will look out for the string cheese.

                    1. re: singingfoodie

                      Last time I was in Moisha's and Glatt Mart, I noticed a few brands of smaller sized yogurt containers. Maybe one of those is CY. Also, I blv the "leben" yogurts are CY.

                      Just thinking.. if your son likes cheddar, the 'natural kosher' brand also had a bag of cheddar cubes. It's also about $8 and I've seen it in costco. The only thing is that the cubes are not individually wrapped.

                      1. re: cheesecake17

                        Confused... Are you talking about regular Chalav Yisrael yogurts and leben?! They have barely any nutrition and are chock full of sugars, food coloring, etx.