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Beans for breakfast

I am trying to find good ways to incorporate beans into our diet more. I am particularly interested in beans for breakfast. Other than the black bean cakes on chow, does anyone have ideas about how to use beans in the morning? I am thinking about a red bean, onion, garlic sautée as an omelette filling, but I'm hoping there are other, creative ideas.

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  1. A popular brunch place in Vancouver does a Morrocan/French inspired dish of spicy sausage,tomato, bean, Harissa and egg dish which is delicious. Here is the closest I could find on a quick search on the web. It is Mexican but same idea:


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        I second the huevos rancheros with refried beans. You could use them with beef chili and eggs too.

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          I think the beans make this health enough for breakfast, right? :-)

        2. pureed white beans make a nice spread for toast.

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            I hadn't thought about bean spreads. We usually have toast or English muffin sandwiches in the morning. A spread would be good on either.

          2. I spend quite a bit of time in Guatemala where breakfast isn't breakfast if there aren't beans on the plate. If you like spicy, here's a recipe from Rick Bayless for Smoky Chipotle Beans. http://www.theyogasanctuary.net/recip...

            I keep a big batch of them (don't usually bother with the spinach and dumplings) in the fridge. They can be served as is with eggs and/or breakfast meats, they can be refried (which is usually how they're served in Guate), you can add chorizo to them, or you can thin them out to make a bean soup. They're extraordinarily versatile and wonderful to have on hand at any time of the day or night.

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              This looks amazing. Thanks for the link!

            2. I'm going to repeat what others have said - huevos rancheros or an omelet filled with beans. I've also had an egg dish with Moroccan flavors and chick peas that was very nice.

              I'm not a big fan of breakfast foods in general, so wouldn't hold back from eating beans the way others might eat them for lunch or dinner. They're wonderfully filling and healthy, tasty and inexpensive.

              1. Refried beans with a tortilla, foul, white bean puree, or garbanzos taken with flat bread, baked beans on toast, garbanzo curry with flat bread, there are a lot of global inspirations.

                Here is a hearty bean dish I like to make but it also has sausage and eggs in it and you can eat it with flat bread or crusty loaf bread or just on it's own. It is kind of like cannellini chakchouka:

                Sautee garlic and some sausage links cut into large wedges to brown (I use Perderson Farms chicken sausage, usually the habanero or the andouille) and pour in some good tomato sauce (I use Rao's Marinara), wash canned cannellini beans well and add in, season as you like with a little salt, cumin, red chile powder, or whatever. After it bubbles, crack eggs on top, then lower heat and cover until whites are cooked but the yolks are still runny.

                1. A pretty typical street breakfast in Egypt is ful medames. It's a pretty hearty fava bean stew, served with pita or other flat bread for dipping and scooping. It's really great, the texture is smooth and creamy and the flavor is lovely without being too in your face for breakfast. Although the article I've linked to says it's often served with an egg, I never saw that. People joke that they call it ful because it gets you full.
                  Here is the serious eats article about it.

                  Very similar to this is a dish that I was served a lot in Belize. The woman I was living with would take cooked pinto beans from the night before and put them in a blender with raw garlic, onion, cilantro, cultantro, and oregano. She'd heat them in a pot while she'd make corn or flour tortillas, and fry eggs. It was awesome.

                  1. When I think of Beans for breakfast, I always think of Eggs Basin Street...or a version thereof....

                    Two Rice fritters (Calas) with two poached eggs placed on top, and covered with creamy, spicy red beans seasoned with Andouille, onions, garlic etc.....

                    I have often used "English Muffins" in place of the Calas....finding the very best smoked sausage you can buy will work well in place of the Andouille.

                    A great hearty breakfast using left over red beans...from the red beans and rice meal a day or two before..

                    Have Fun & Enjoy!

                    1. Natto (fermented soybeans)! I like mine with a raw egg, karashi, splash of soy and green onions. Serve this with hot white rice.

                      1. Black bean burrito with sauteed veggies (zucchini, peppers, onions, corn, etc.), maybe a scrambled egg, and some queso fresco.

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                          + black bean burrito, the obvious
                          I don't use veggies, but I do put on queso and usually some salsa and sour cream or crema.

                        2. can't believe Harters has been through here yet --

                          The British have a long-lasting tradition of Heinz baked beans with their breakfast -- either with the usual fried eggs, bacon, etc., or just ladled over buttered toast for a quick breakfast or lunch.

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                            I heard you calling, sunshine.

                            And, yes indeed, baked beans now appear quite often in the "full" British breakfast. Often offered in cafes as an alternative to the fried/grilled tomatoes. Their appearance is actually comparitively recent and, in general, you won'tt find them on upmarket breakfast menus.

                            They formed my New Years Eve breakfast. Two slices of toast, topped with a tin of beans (supermarket own label, rather that Heinz) and a few fried mushrooms.

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                              You would be surprised how often beans on toast crop up in British mystery stories.

                              Besides Huevos Rancheros, my favorite bean breakfast appearance is eggs (your choice) with corned beef hash and Boston baked beans.

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                                Ha ha! When I saw the title of this post, my first thought was the breakfast I had in London. Not my personal taste, but a very easy and straightforward way to incorporate beans into breakfast.

                              2. Beans make a regular appearance in breakfast tacos here in central TX. They're mostly refried. Bean/egg, bean/cheese, bean/potato are very common breakfast choices. You can go nuts and do three fillings if you like. Flour tortillas are typical, but corn are a nice choice also. Top with some spicy salsa and you've got a great, filling breakfast.

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                                  Sounds interesting, I'm gonna try the bean/scrambled egg idea. I'm guessing there's not a lot of car-pooling with folks who are eating this daily?

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                                    I love refried beans, scrambled or fried eggs, good salsa and some cheese for breakfast. If I'm feeling indulgent, I'll add some fresh avocado. One of my favorite breakfasts and keeps you full all morning. I got hooked when I was living in San Diego, unfortunately I can't yet convince my husband that beans and eggs are a breakfast food.

                                  2. i always just warmed up black beans or garbanzo beans with some oil and hot sauce then added some cheese and scrambled some eggs in there. great in a warm tortilla or on its own.

                                    also like a poached egg over warm lentils and bacon.

                                    1. This is a good question. How about hummus and crisp toast or flatbread? Or grilled tomatoes, bacon and hummus? I feel inspired to do this myself.

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                                        Someone else mentioned bean spreads up thread. I think it's a great idea. We can try it together! :-)

                                      2. Refried beans mixed with oatmeal is fabulous.

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                                          Seriously? I'm having a hard time imagining it, but you've intrigued me. Just plain oatmeal and refrieds?

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                                            ... and some salt and all of it topped with a fried egg. Yum.

                                        2. I'm a big fan of pureed or half-mashed white beans spread on multigrain toast for a quick breakfast or midmorning snack. A little cracked pepper is nice. Hummus works, too.

                                          Beans of most any sort are also nice in diner-style skillets or scrambles.

                                          1. I forgot about falafel. Fry up some patties and eat with eggs and a few cherry tomatoes.

                                            1. Great ideas here!!

                                              Mine isn't quite as healthy, but still very good. On our honeymoon a lot of years ago, our hotel in Mexico served refried pinto beans on split hard rolls with melted cheese on top every morning for breakfast. Very fresh salsa on the side. Simple, but very good.

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                                              1. Gallo pinto!! When I lived in Costa Rica it was standard breakfast fare, and sooo yummy!! They would take the black beans and rice left over from the night before and fry it up with bell peppers, onions, and some lizano. Serve it alongside huevos con tomato (scrambled). Top it with hot sauce and more lizano..... love it :)

                                                1. I have been eating a very thick bean stew for breakfast every morning for over 3 years. My total cholesterol dropped from over 250 down to 111 after 3 months of that breakfast. My cardiologist who I've seeing for over 20 years could only comment " I'm amazed..." when he saw my lab results. Why did I start this regimen. Because I read about resistant starches which do not turn to sugar immediately upon entering the stomach. My blood glucose levels are also low, within the normal range.

                                                  There is no fixed recipe for my 'arrabbiato minestrone denso', but here is a typical ingredient list...

                                                  2 kinds of dried beans (black, pinto, navy, garbanzo, etc. soaked overnight and then cooked)
                                                  reserved bean liquor after beans are cooked and added to the pot
                                                  Olive oil for sauteing the following aromatic vegetables
                                                  diced onion, celery, and carrots
                                                  28-oz. can of crushed tomatoes
                                                  2 medium mashed sweet potatoes (roasted the night before and skin removed)
                                                  dried lentils
                                                  dried split peas
                                                  3 pound head of green cabbage
                                                  and of course, extremely incendiary chiles that are sauteed with the aromatic vegetables.

                                                  I make enough at one time for at least 12 breakfasts. I cook this stuff in an 8-quart stockpot. Sometimes the midribs from kale or chard are diced and added when my wife buys those vegetables. This stuff is thick. It is refrigerated in recycled plastic containers with capacity for 2 bowls of minestrone per container. It keeps well in the fridge, probably because no harmful germs can tolerate the heat intensity from the incendiary chiles.

                                                  Buon appetito!

                                                  BTW, I do NOT include beans in my Texas-style chili!

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                                                    I really like the sound of this, and what an amazing story about your cholesterol.

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                                                      I can't include ingredient amounts because some of them vary from one batch to another. BTW, while I'm cooking this bean stew, I wear an apron that has a statement and picture on it. The statement is "I don't need a recipe...I'M ITALIAN." That's not quite true, but almost. I'm Italian by marriage.

                                                      As far as bean measurements go, it's 2 cups of beans, 2/3 cups of lentils, split peas and barley. The hot peppers vary in amount. Usually use 1 large onion, 2 ribs of celery, 3 carrots, and a 28-oz. can of crushed tomatoes.

                                                      HOLY COW! I FORGOT TO INCLUDE MINCED GARLIC IN MY PREVIOUS POSTING!

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                                                        2/3 cup of lentils, peas, barley TOTAL or EACH? Looks like a good thing to start a winter day with!

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                                                          each...sorry for not being more explicit...

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                                                      This stuff sounds awsome...definitely gonna try it!

                                                    3. 2nd the Huevos Rancheros and Breakfast Burrito suggestions & I've been adding about 1/2c cooked de Puy lentils to Spanish Tortillas when I make them.

                                                      Recently got a recipe from a friend for pancakes with white beans. We love pancakes around here but need more of a protein boost in the morning so I'm thinking I'll give it a try.

                                                      1. Like many others, I like them on toast, but it has to be with an egg on top so the yolk runs all over the beans.

                                                        1. refried black beans

                                                          4 Cups black beans -- cooked & mashed (and yes, I cheat and use La Costena refried black beans)
                                                          12 Ounces evaporated milk
                                                          2 Tablespoons shortening -- melted
                                                          1/2 Pound cheddar cheese -- shredded
                                                          Salsa De Chile Colorado

                                                          Mash beans in skillet and add hot oil. Mix well. Stir in evaporated mi lk.
                                                          Cook over very low heat, stirring frequently.

                                                          Before serving, refry beans by adding 2 tablespoons smoking hot fat,
                                                          shredded cheese to taste and some Salsa and stir briskly over high heat.

                                                          serve w/eggs and or flour tortillas