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Jan 1, 2012 09:06 PM

Beans for breakfast

I am trying to find good ways to incorporate beans into our diet more. I am particularly interested in beans for breakfast. Other than the black bean cakes on chow, does anyone have ideas about how to use beans in the morning? I am thinking about a red bean, onion, garlic sautée as an omelette filling, but I'm hoping there are other, creative ideas.

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  1. A popular brunch place in Vancouver does a Morrocan/French inspired dish of spicy sausage,tomato, bean, Harissa and egg dish which is delicious. Here is the closest I could find on a quick search on the web. It is Mexican but same idea:

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        I second the huevos rancheros with refried beans. You could use them with beef chili and eggs too.

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          I think the beans make this health enough for breakfast, right? :-)

        2. pureed white beans make a nice spread for toast.

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            I hadn't thought about bean spreads. We usually have toast or English muffin sandwiches in the morning. A spread would be good on either.

          2. I spend quite a bit of time in Guatemala where breakfast isn't breakfast if there aren't beans on the plate. If you like spicy, here's a recipe from Rick Bayless for Smoky Chipotle Beans.

            I keep a big batch of them (don't usually bother with the spinach and dumplings) in the fridge. They can be served as is with eggs and/or breakfast meats, they can be refried (which is usually how they're served in Guate), you can add chorizo to them, or you can thin them out to make a bean soup. They're extraordinarily versatile and wonderful to have on hand at any time of the day or night.

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              This looks amazing. Thanks for the link!