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Jan 1, 2012 08:06 PM

Need recommendation for restaurant with good scallop dish

Boyfriend is a scallop addict. Does anyone know any restaurant with great scallop dish, especially those serve with big-sized seared scallop?

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  1. The places i think likely to have a good dish change their menus too frequently to be sure. I would call around to Flying Fish, Seatown, Blueacre, Steelhead Diner, Tilth, Mistral.

    1. Matt's in the Market and Lecosho as well. Matt's (in the old days) turned me back on to seared scallops after thinking I did not like those small rubbery ones I was getting. (Matt is the owner of Lecosho, no longer affiliated with M in the Market, just to make things confusing.)

      1. Ponti Seafood Grill always has scallops on the menu. You can add Alaska weathervane scallops as an add to any entree. They have a seared scallop entree [I haven't tried this one] I have had the Thai curry penne with seared scallops and dungeness crab and it's very good. I've also had great salmon and halibut there. Accompaniments are also quite good. Based on the scallops in the Thai curry dish and the ability to add them to any entree Ponti would be pretty high on my list. My wife who generally won't eat scallops even liked the Thai curry penne scallops. [she won't eat the scallops of dubious origin on any occasion.]

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          Second on the Ponti scallops... as a main or an addition to main, they do a great job of searing them and not overcooking. Lovely!
          The Thai scallop entree is indeed delish, as are the simpler preps you get if you add then to other entree. Recently, had a halibut entree with a lovely lemon sauce, and added scallops. Perfectly prepared in both fish and shellfish, and wonderful fragrant rice to accompany them. yum.

        2. I had a nice scallop dish at Flying Fish a few months ago, but they also change their preparations frequently, I think.

          I haven't had them, but a friend of mine swears that the scallops at the Georgian in the Fairmont downtown are not to be missed. Seared Scallops, Crisp Potatoes, Melted Young Leeks, Truffle Bacon Butter Sauce. YUM.

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            I hadn't thought about it, but I think I had the Georgian Room scallops when I went there for a Dine Around Seattle (or $30 for $30 or whatever). They were in fact delicious, but then again, scallops are scallops and any half decent place should be able to do them up pretty well if they get good product.

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              Rays Cafe used to have a smoked seafood salad that included really awesome house-smoked scallops (and smoked salmon and other fish). It was the best, but I am not sure if it's still on their menu. You might call and ask them. It was KILLER.

            2. Can't remember having had them in Seattle recently, but perhaps someone else can chime in with a reliable location. Some of the Chinese seafood restaurants will do a scallop on the half shell preparation. it's steamed with a sweet soy, ginger and green onions. Divine for a scallop lover. Maybe Sea Garden? Any other Seattle CHers know?

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                A few days back I had one done with an Asian flair at Nell's. It was part of their chef's tasting menu.
                In Connecticut we call the big ones diver scallops and the small (almost worthless ones, IMHO), bay scallops. Are they called the same here? A slightly tanned and hot scallop that is not cooked much is one of my favorite seafoods to eat or fix at home. It is so sweet and delicate of flavor that I detest ham-fisted, overseasoned preparations. Simple is better.