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Wing Tour (edited again)


okay so I guess we cant post facebook links anyway here we go...

Wing Tour 2012

Hey everyone, I just want to start this post by thanking all of you for the support and the comments and the facebook page likes, we couldn't have created any sort of a buzz without chowhound so thanks everyone.

So now it is time again for another tour. Few things different this time. We will be begining the first week of February. We will hit one place per week (instead of 2 like last time).

The official schedule is not made yet but here are the locations we have decided on so far:

-Bridgeview Tavern of Sleepy Hollow
-Half Moon of Dobbs Ferry
-Q Restaurant of Mt Kisco
-Big W's of Wingdale
-Sliders Grill of Wallingford, CT

we have a few spots still open please make your suggestions and help us out :)

any thoughts and/or comments please post!

  1. I thought Q in Mt. Kisco closed months ago? The one in Port Chester is still open.

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    1. The Golden Rail Ale House in Newburgh. Delicious wings, and a bonus is that they have a really good selection of beer! They are the best wings in the Mid-Hudson area, in my opinion. Also, Darby O'Gills in Hyde Park, but that might be too far north for you.

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        i'm adding Golden Rail...is it a nice place?

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          It's a dive bar, but with friendly bartenders and patrons so it's not a sketchy place, haha. The owner is a very nice guy and he is often there. They are open from 2pm-close (not sure when close exactly is) so they aren't really open for lunch. If you like wings really hot make sure you say that and you will definitely get them really hot. Glad you are going to give it a try!!

      2. *Q Restaurant in Port Chester
        now added: Golden Rail Ale House of Newburgh

        1. why can I not edit my original post? hmm... anyways

          My Partner Craig and I will be at the Hudson Valley Wingbowl Jan 28th we're bringing our friend "The Ultimate Wingman" along as well.

          1. ADDED: Primo's bar and Grill of Clintondale, NY

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              I know you guys love wings and did a great job last year. Any chance you might branch out to tacos?

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                thanks vinous. haha I do love taco's however I am far from an expert :)

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                  That's ok, you probably weren't really a wing expert last year but now that you've tried all those styles (and hopefully got up to buffalo), you are an expert. Ten or 15 taco joints and you'll be a taco expert.

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                    we are certified wing experts =D

            2. - i see from the cm thread you like brodies, how about throwing that into the mix?
              - I mentioned your tour to a friend in rocklyn, here are his suggestions:
              - Bailey's Smokehouse
              - Olde Village Inn in Nyack, claims is as good as or better than candlelight.
              - Liberty's in Tappan

              I'm going to try a new place in westchester, if it's any good I'll post. btw, I don't think big w has buffalo wings, they do have some sort of hot/smoked wings that are good. If you get there, try the fatty brisket. I've been there three times and twice it was the best brisket I've had outside of texas. The other time it was too dry.

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                oh we are very familiar with the amazing treats of Big W's....whats the new place in westchester?

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                  Charchaels in thornwood. If you google the places in rocklyn you;ll see pretty good reviews for the wings.

              2. it really bugs me that i can not edit my original post but here is the almost finished wing tour schedule:
                (all locations in NY except where noted)
                -Bridgeview Tavern of Sleepy Hollow
                -Half Moon of Dobbs Ferry
                -Q Restaurant of Port Chester
                -Big W's of Wingdale
                -Sliders Grill of Wallingford, CT
                -Primo's bar and Grill of Clintondale
                -Brodies Pub of Mohegan Lake
                one more bonus location possibly:
                Golden Rail Ale House of Newburgh

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                  we have an official website now, also everyone remember the hudson valley wing bowl is coming up january 28th...we will be there :)

                2. **HERE IS THE OFFICIAL WING TOUR 2012 SCHEDULE**
                  2/2 Brodies Pub (Mohegan Lake, NY)
                  2/20 Bridgeview Tavern (Sleepy Hollow, NY)
                  2/27 Q Restaurant (Port Chester, NY)
                  3/5 Primo's Bar and Grill (Clintondale, NY)
                  3/14 Big W's (Wingdale, NY)
                  3/21 Half Moon (Dobbs Ferry, NY)
                  3/28 Sliders Grill (Wallingford, CT)
                  4/2 Hobnobbin’ Pub (Poughkeepsie, NY)
                  *there will be a Cross Roads Deli (Mahopac, NY) "Quickie" in the week of 2/5
                  **dates subject to change however unlikely

                  new website for all you non facebookers :)

                  thanks for the support chowhound, I will update this thread with all the reviews and photos :)

                  1. we begin tonight at Brodies in Mohegan Lake!