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Jan 1, 2012 07:39 PM

Last meals in New York (lunches)

After 5 years - I'm moving from NYC. While I'll be close enough for evening/weekend meals - I probably wont have a chance to eat many lunches in NY in the future. So what I'm looking for are those special to NYC places that are more accessible/cheaper during weekday lunches. For example - correct me if I'm wrong - Di Fara, Katz's, Jean Georges, Del Posto, Ippudo....etc.

I have five days next week to cover my bases. I'd like to do pizza one day, fine dining one day, chinatown one day, ramen or soba one day, and maybe a burger one day. Here is what I'm thinking.

Monday: Di Fara
Tuesday: JG
Wednesday: 456, Legend, or Szechuan Gourmet
Thursday: Ippudo or Totto, maybe a Soba place?
Friday: Minetta Tavern

Where am I going wrong here? Suggestions?

So sad to be leaving but can't wait to go out on a high note!

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  1. Di Fara is closed Mondays (and Tuesdays).

    Are you dining solo? 456 seems better suited for bigger parties with the xiao long bao and sheng jian bao maybe. Legend and SG aren't in Chinatown and I think SG has a large weekday lunch crowd due to being in Midtown?

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      Yep sorry. I meant chinese - not chinatown necessarily.