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Jan 1, 2012 05:15 PM

? about LI wine

I have 2 bottles on Lenz Cab that I have had in my basement for about 6 years.

The are a 2003 Lenz Cab and a 2001 Lenz Olde Vines Cab.

Should I drink either/both of them now or wait? Is it too late to drink the 2003 reg Cab


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  1. Might be OK, especially if the basement stays relatively cool: only one way to tell! My guess is the 2001 will be better than the 2003, which was a rough growing season for east coast wineries.

    1. Lenz wines usually age weab and it was great. ll. I would open both (esp the 2001 ) asap. A few years back I had a 10 year old Lenz Cab and it was great