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Jan 1, 2012 05:14 PM

Sherry recommendations

(not sure if this should be here or on the wine board) I love the basil tomato bisque soup at Noodles and Co. Sometimes commercial tomato soups are either sour to my taste or sweet due to sugar, this one is neither so I'm pretty sure the sweetness comes from sherry. Recently I have had the occasion to use sherry in other dishes such as tapas and squash soup. I think it adds a nice sweetness w/out it being over the top. My question is which sherry or sherries are good for cooking? I have the Chinese cooking sherry which I use often, but would like to get a decent bottle of sherry to add to my larder. Thanks

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  1. Generally, you should use manzanilla when sherry is called for, which is the driest, unless something else is specified. You can also use fino, which is the next driest. The rest are considerably different in character, and sweeter, so you cannot just use any sherry and get a consisten result.

    I would never use anything labeled "cooking sherry."