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Jan 1, 2012 05:09 PM

Just moved to Cortlandt Manor...

I'm trying to get a feel for the best reasonably priced but solid restaurants and good delivery options as well. Any insight would be really appreciated! Happy new year


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  1. my girlfriend lives in CM so i'd be glad to help.

    The Stadium on rt9 is great, good food, good prices, great atmosphere.

    Hacienda Sauza is right on E Main Street aka rt6 and its a lovely mexican restaurant I in fact ate there tonight.

    Augies is a steak house right on Lexington ave at the corner of rt 6 and it is a higher priced place I have never eaten at but I've heard good things.

    Wild Fusion is fairly new on the Mohegan Lake strip of rt 6, again ive never been but i have heard it is great

    Brodies Pub is right next to Hacienda Sauza and it is excellently priced food, great food too, alot of irish dishes but some pasta's as well, and in my opinion the best wings around.

    not many delivery options besides pizza and chinese... my favorite pizza place around is Nonna's in the Beach Shopping Center in Peekskill, they deliver to CManor.

    theres many more choices so if you wanna tell me what kind of food you like the most I can help more! :)

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      I've heard great things about Tavern in Garrison. If you want to head to Yorktown there is a red sauce Italian - Gaudios - food is good though the atmosphere is a bit diner-ish.

      1. re: ryanallday

        Wild Fusion in Mohegan Lake (on the Yorktown side of Lexington Avenue) is actually pretty good, certainly in comparison to other choices in the area.

        I've heard bad things about Augie's. Thyme on Route 202 is very good. I'll second (or third) the recommendation of Zeph's.

        Tavern and Valley in Garrison are excellent.

        1. re: MisterBill2

          I think Augies is inconsistent. The 1st time I went it was very good, the 2nd time, not so much, That was quite awhile ago. My friend went recently and said it was good, so I guess it's anybody's guess. There's also a new steak place out in Mahopac called Chophouse Grill, it's a bit of a drive but it's very good.

      2. croton
        -- ocean house, low corkage, great fish
        -- tavern at croton landing, great burgers, pub food
        - taste recently opened, very good
        -- birdsall house, good pub, good food
        -- zephs - more expensive, very good, good corkage policy
        -- peekskill brewery - havent been, have heard good things about it
        -- india house, good lunch buffet on weekends, generally good food
        cortlandt manor
        -- little sorrento - pizza
        -- juliannas - not our favorite, some people here like it
        -- abuelos - good, authentic mexican
        -- cidade - good portugese bakery/cappuccino, sandwiches
        -- Churrasqueira Ribatejo - portugese grill, try the rotisserie chicken
        -- docas - little more upscale portugese
        -- pretty bad

        that should get u started.

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        1. re: vinouspleasure

          little sorrento's is great they actually have are restaurant with a full italian menu and the food is excellent

          1. re: ryanallday

            I didn't enjoy my dinner at little sorrentos but I didn't try the pizza

            1. re: jayy420

              yeah, we usually just go for the pizza. if you get the right cook at nonna's, it can be very good.

        2. some additions-
          12 grqpes in Peeksill, great vibe, good food
          Ruccis - Indian in the Beach Shopping Center, Peekskill, keeps on getting better.
          Umani in croton fun, innovative
          Delivery is limited to Pizza, & Chinese, Nonnas very good.

          1. We revisited Brodies and Memphis Maes (croton) this weekend. Both were really good. ( they were off our list for a while)

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            1. re: rkaene

              omg I love Memphis Maes, I feel it doesnt get enough recognition on here!

              1. re: rkaene

                what did you have at memphis maes that you liked? I was there a couple of times 2-3 years ago and it wasn't very good. Since then I've seen mixed reviews so I'm thinking I'll give it another try.

                1. re: vinouspleasure

                  I had there wings (of course) and loved them, I had a brisket meal and loved it I remember the sides being good too, and most recently I had pulled pork quesadillas and they were excellent too, this was all in 2011

                  1. re: ryanallday

                    Was in the area recently for the Jack O Lantern Blaze. Memphis Mae's seemed like the best thing around. We had pulled pork and brisket sandwiches and liked it. I thought the bread they used was especially good. Not too dense, but did not fall apart either. We got there at 4:00 and some people came in later asking for sandwiches. Apparently they do not serve them after 4:30.

                    1. re: jcmods

                      we've been there for lunch three times over the last two months. We like the sandwiches but can' t help but feel it's overpriced. Agree bread is good but the ratio of meat to bread is too low. Also, I've tried to taste the bbq on it's own and found the pp dry.

                      Have to try ribs/brisket/chicken at some point for dinner.

              2. Thanks for everyones ideas. A&S is also a really good deli. Not too many of those in the area

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                1. re: jayy420

                  a&s is very good. Try this place for great sandwiches, mostly take out: