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Jan 1, 2012 04:00 PM

raw fois gras

Bought a bundle of fois gras for DH & I to enjoy on CHristmas/New Year's Eve...there were prunes soaked in cognac then stuffed with foisgras, a terrine of same with a duck fat cover, a tube of mousse with truffles and two cryo-vacced pieces of raw fois gras that I am not sure how to prepare. They are fairly small pieces, about 2inches by 2 by 1/2 thick. SHould I just brown them in butter and go or is there something else we should do to more enjoy these teasures? Any help will be appreciated.

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  1. Last night I sauteed some diced pears in a little butter added pinch of salt and pepper. Let that cook till tender then added a little honey to carmelize and some red vermouth (port would probably be better but I was out :) ) I lightly scored the fois gras and sprinkled with sea salt and cooked them on medium high heat until brown on each side but still still slightly underdone in the center. I then put some bread pieces in the fat and browned them on both sides removed those and put in the pear mixture and put the foi gras on the bread and poured the pears over top sooo good.

    1. yes, it sound like you have slices -- if they're not already cooked, drop them into a hot skillet and sear them VERY quickly (it will melt amazingly fast) --

      Then onto lightly-toasted white bread, or for something very different (but oh so delicious) onto a slice of not-too-sweet gingerbread, and a hint of fleur du sel. Nothing more.

      1. They're fantastic seared quickly (you don't need butter or any oil at all) with some onion or shallots and apples, then served on bread you've grilled in the fat.

        Or on top of Beef Tenderloin Tournedos, with or without embellishments like Crab or Asparagus, aka Tournedos Rossini.

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          Yep, no fat needed, the foie already has plenty.

          I also agree that the addition of a little fruit makes an already incredible dish even more sublime. You cant go wrong just searing it off by itself and adding a little salt as sunshine suggested, its fantastic, but I also really enjoy foie with a little bit of acid to cut the fat.

          I really like to make a simple cranberry gastrique, sear a piece of foie, and top a cornbread muffin with it. Seriously one of the best bites of food you will ever put in your mouth!

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            Wow. That sounds incredible. Must try this.

            1. re: acgold7

              If your going to go all out, make a little sweet potato mash, smear a tablespoon or so of THAT on top of a cornbread muffin, then top with foie and a cranberry or cherry gastrique.

              pure nirvana! Its my go-to home run app for fancy pants dinner parties. Put some greens on the plate and revel in the adulation of your friends as they tell you you should become a chef :P
              Little do they realize how easy this dish is to make.