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Jan 1, 2012 03:59 PM

Kabob Tavern in Vienna, VA?

Has anyone tried Kabob Tavern in Vienna? It's located in what used to be Nizam's Restaurant. It just opened.

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  1. I had not heard about this new place until seeing the above post. I went by last night and picked up a chicken kabob to go. The order ($10) comes with a decent amount of chcken, quite a bit of basmati rice, a side (e.g., chickpeas), a grilled tomato/onion "salad", and a quartered piece of PITA bread (i.e., not naan). It was quite a bit of food for the money.

    The chickpeas were good-not all mushy and soggy like some kabob places serve. The chicken was seasoned, but I did not pick up any particular marinade/spice flavor. It had a brownish hue rather than yellowish or reddish, which is what I am accustomed to seeing, and it tasted OK--not the best I've ever had and not the worst. The pita bread worked fine as a carrier for the chicken and the accompanying chutney, but I sure would have preferred naan. I did not check when I was there, but it is possible that they do not have a tandoori oven to cook naan.

    The kabob place is only the downstairs of the former Nizam's, and is nicely decorated. Probably the nicest kabob place I have been to in terms of level of finish. The woman taking my order said that they would be opening up the upstars floor sometime in February for Mediterranean "fine dining".

    1. I had the exact opposite experience of the reviewer above. I loved this place; in fact, I thought it was so good that I brought my father (a discerning eater to the place a week later) What follows is my review from yelp, and after that I'll add my father’s opinion.

      What a find! In an area with some great Kabob places (Rose Kabob and Shamshiry) Kabob Tavern should be counted among them.

      Tonight I had the lamb and chicken combo, accompanied by white and brown rice with slivers of pickled red onion and a roasted tomato. And on the side I had a dish of halmi. The lamb was good, if a shade toward the medium side, but I am a rare meat eater. I suspect that most people would find it perfect. The chicken was tender and juicy; both had a generous dusting of sumac and other spices. But they only enhanced the flavor of the meat, never threatening to eclipse it. Now for whatever reason I just don't eat roasted tomato, I eat raw tomatoes and tomato sauce; but no roasted tomato. The pickled onion slivers were fantastic. A great accompaniment to the roasted meat. The rice was fluffy and well cooked. The side dish of Halmi; a special for today and I don't know how long it will stay so run out and get some. It was smooth and delicious with the perfect amount of heat. And the best part? They will start a delivery service in the near future. I'm a happy camper and you will be too once you eat at the Kabob tavern.

      The only difference was that my father’s side dish was a roasted eggplant covered with a yoghurt sauce. He raved about it, and stated, 'I'll eat here again in a heartbeat."

      By the way, to the above reviewer, if you prefer Naan (and it is delicious) go to an Indian restaurant no one that serves Afghani style kabobs.

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        food corner is afghani and they serve naan with their kabobs.

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          @ judoka--I don't believe that you had the "exact opposite experience" than I had--I did not trash the place, and had some nice things to say about it. The chicken just did not knock my socks off. And this is the first kabob place I have ever been to (and I have been to many in the area) that serves pita bread rather than naan or something closely akin to naan.

      2. Thanks for the reviews--it sounds interesting and worth a visit :>) I'm especially pleased to learn that the upstairs will include Mediterranean "fine dining" as we've missed Nizam's. It was always a great place to take out of town visitors for dinner (good food and quiet enough so we could hear each other while catching up on our lives).