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Jan 1, 2012 03:37 PM

Dim Sum Delivery to Cambridge?

Hounds..... The title says it all....

There are many good Dim Sum places in the area. I've read the threads, I've visited China Town, and my stomach has been most pleased. BUT.... I live in Cambridge, and other than Mary Chungs (which does not deliver and only does dim sum brunch on Sunday) I have no easy way to satisfy my massive dim sum cravings.

Does anyone know a place that delivers impressive and cheap-ish dim sum in the Cambridge area? Big selections I mean, not just the random Shu-Mai or dumpling. I'm talking about a place that, at the very least, has an entire dim sum section on their menu, with all manner of dumplings and other delectables.

I suspect the answer is no! There used to be a place called Git Lo's dim sum that delivered here, but they did mostly deep friend things, and apparently no longer service the area. Sad sad.

Is there an alternative? Thanks, hounds.

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  1. Sorry, Gitlo's was the only place I've ever known of in the Boston area that delivered dim sum, which does not generally travel well.

    BTW, the reason that Gitlo's "no longer service[s] the area" is that they went out of business in August 2010.

    1. Dim Sum Chef on Brighton Ave/Comm Ave in Allston

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        They deliver? Yelp has them listed as a No Delivery. If they do, I'm in Dim Sum Heaven!

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          the take-out menu says "we deliver"

      2. Back before delivery days we used to order the food and get a cab to deliver it.

        1. I am happy to report that Dim Sum Chef does deliver but only at weird hours (after 4 and such). Any other options. Most pleased with Dim Sum Chef so far!

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            What have you ordered and what have you enjoyed? Thanks!