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Jan 1, 2012 02:51 PM

Places for a reunion dinner for 5 guys

Four high school friends and I are meeting for our 30th reunion in May. I'm looking for somewhere to have a special dinner that is fun and has good food. Shouldn't be stuffy but should be nice. Would like somewhere with good drinks and should not be a chain. I was thinking Commander's or Cochon would am open to suggestions. I have been to NOLA several times and have been to Commander's, Cochon, Herbsaint and Brigsten's. We are going to be at Jazz Fest, so don't need lunch.

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  1. All the places you named would be good. Clancy's, Domenica, Emeril's, or Galatoire's might work, too. You can get a res at the first three or just show up and wait at Gal's. You can get a res to sit upstairs at Gal's, but I would just show up and try to sit downstairs.

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      Cochon wouldn't work. Just not the right vibe (and I'm not a big fan.) But if I were doing what you're doing (and I might at some point) I'd probably choose Commander's or Galatoire's. Because it would make it more of an event.

    2. Cochon doesn't fit your plan. Possibly think of GW Fins.

      The food is good and last time we were there an adjacent table had a bachelor party and they were enjoying themselves. When we left they were on their third round of shots and each round had a different brown hue!

      1. Mr. John's Steakhouse, Garden District on St. Charles Avenue, would be perfect for you.

        Mr John's Steakhouse
        2111 Saint Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

        1. Mr. John's has the male vibe you are looking for, plus great food. It is located uptown/garden district on St. Charles Avenue.

          Mr John's Steakhouse
          2111 Saint Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

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            I agree with the recommendation of Mr John's. The steaks are outstanding and they know how to run a restaurant.

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              I also agree with Mr. John's. Also Coquette or Patois are nice but not stuffy, and have great cocktails. Whatever you do, make reservations early as Jazz Fest is a crazy time for many restaurants.