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Jan 1, 2012 02:31 PM

How to cook "Sliced Pork Shoulder" / Pork Shoulder Arm Steak

I love super tender low-and-slow cooked pork shoulder. But for two people it's too much meat and takes too long.

Today, I found "sliced pork shoulder" at the grocery - a very cheap cut of meat that I hoped could be made delicious with a little web research and some effort.

I've just spent the last hour digging around online and I'm surprised to find almost nothing referring to this cut. There are zero recipes for it in any of my usual go-to recipe sites.

My research yielded this: The cut is sometimes called "pork shoulder arm steak" (it's the third one down in this illustration:


It seems like braising is the way to go, but I don't have a meat thermometer. What I do have: a semi crappy oven and a cook cast iron skillet with a lid.

I've already begun marinating in a chimichurri sauce and was thinking of just adding a little additional liquid and braising it that way at 275* for about two hours.

Does that sound like an awful idea to anyone. Any guidance?

Other ideas? Insights for next time?

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  1. Try this website -

    1. The Braciola from Frankie's Spuntino calls for Pork Shoulder steaks. The recipe can be found online.

      1. Also known as Pork Butt Steaks.... They're spectacular, and fast... No long cooking necessary...
        Season with garlic salt, black pepper, and some oregano--- and toss on a blazing hot grill to crust-up, 4-5 minutes per side... Then let rest for a few... Lil' squeeze of lemon at the table...

        Or cook in a big, HOT cast iron skillet.... Or broil HOT... Just cook them thru.... Tender and juicy...
        One of my favorite cuts of meat!

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          I'm with Bill. We use cumin, too.

        2. So how was the chimichurri and braise?

          I'm with Bill, I like them grilled. But I prefer to build a fire to one side of my Weber, toss on a couple hardwood chunks, then put the steaks on the opposite side, letting them get some smoke and indirect heat for a little while. Ramp up the heat and then grill direct for a couple of minutes per side to get a good sear. I love them!