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Jan 1, 2012 02:11 PM

Sepia ...?

Any thoughts or reviews? Friend wants to go there for upscale dinner but I haven't ever heard anyone talk about it.

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    1. re: chicgail

      Thanks for the links, how do I manage to hold down a job quite well but am never able to use CH's search function?!?

      1. re: PHXeater

        At least you can hold down a job. Now you can go out to eat!

    2. I've dined here twice for business dinners (most recently in Oct/Nov). Food was great. The chicken-fried quail offered as an appetizer special that day was really delicious and my fish entree was also very good. Others seemed to enjoy the pork shank. My favorite part of the night was the persimmon cocktail...too bad the restaurant is kind of out of the way (relative to my hotel) or I would have come back another night just to get another cocktail.