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Jan 1, 2012 01:06 PM

Jeni's Vanilla Cedar Wood Ice Cream

I just got some Jeni's ice cream, Vanilla Cedar Wood flavor, for Christmas.

And I must admit, it might be the worst frozen treat I've ever had in my life.

How best to describe?

Well, it was sort like that icky taste you get in your mouth when you kiss grandma on the cheeks and get a mouthful of foundation.

No, I take that back. Getting a mouthful of foundation from grandma would be tastier.

Has anyone else tried Jeni's ice creams? Was this just a bad batch?

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  1. Jeni's is a local ice cream maker here in Columbus, and I've tried several flavors. They use really good ingredients and make good ice cream, but I don't like all of their flavors. Most are so unique, you only want to eat a scoop and not pig out on it like other good ice creams. When you go into their store, you can try a spoonful of anything before you buy, and I've tried many and decided, eh, not for me. Having said that, I don't think I would have even asked to try something called vanilla cedar wood, but then again, my tastes are more chocolate oriented. I love the cayenne chcolate. They do have other flavors that are amazing, but you have to try.

    1. I just had the brown butter almond brittle and thought it was tasty - very rich, buttery almond flavor, for the most part. But yea, its definitely like egbluesuede said, you only want to eat a bite or two and not over indulge. It's must too rich for pigging out.

      Sorry the vanilla cedar wood was a miss, but don't give up on 'em just yet. I want to try the Buckeye State flavor eventhough I hate OSU! ;-)

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        The Buckeye State is delicious but my favorite is the sweet corn with black raspberry that is available at the end of the summer.

        1. re: Budser1228

          x2 on the Buckeye State flavor. Delicious!

          1. re: Budser1228

            Sweet corn with black raspberry? Ohmygawd! Great, now I've got 2 flavors that I must try. Thanks for nothing, Budser. ;-)

            FYI, the non-local price tag I paid wad a whopping $11/pint. Bad for the waistline, and bad for the wallet - but pretty tasty.

        2. My favorite is the salted caramel, or the gravel road (salted caramel with smoked almonds.) I also like the Cocoa Zin when they have it, and may of their spring/summer flavors. But I agree with other posters - the flavors are so unusual, that many aren't for everyone.

          Still, I'm happy I live in C-Bus and can get it locally as much as I want - I adore Jenis!

          1. Yes, I've tried Jeni's ice creams. They're very good, although I don't know if they're worth the non-local price tag. You got one that was supposed to taste like wood. What did you expect?

            1. I've had the yummy privilege of sampling Jeni's and the best San Francisco-based ice creams (think Humphry Slocombe, Bi-Rite, and Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous) the past couple of years.

              Jeni's is a lot like Humphry Slocombe in terms of the "out-thereness" of the flavors IMO. If my experience with HS is any indicator (one flavor that wowed me (Peanut Butter Curry); the rest were just okay to good), Jeni's ought to be pretty similar (the Cayenne Chocolate has been my fave with the rest falling between okay and very good.)

              As far as the price point, like Pia stated, I doubt it would be worth the $11, save maybe if you had no similar local options and/or you grew up with the stuff.