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Jan 1, 2012 01:03 PM

Sushi Sawada

Hi guys, I'll be in tOkyo in a few months and I'd like to try sushi Sawada. What price should I expect to pay? And for what? Is lunch cheaper cause it's lunch or because you just get less. Last question, how much would the sake pairing be? Thanks!

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  1. Omakase, including tsumami, will be fromĀ 32,000~35,000.-yens, and nigiri' omakase 23,000~25,000.-yens.
    For me, half the enjoyable part was Sawada-san preparing his little arrangements of pieces of sashimi, combination of 'uni(=sea urchin)'... and served pieces become more and more richly flavored... Depending on your drink, it will cost under 40,000.-yens (choose sake, wine being too expensive).