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Jan 1, 2012 12:29 PM

chicken or turkey chorizo?

Anyone know of a good brand? I know I can make my own. I live in No. California so if you seen some in local markets here please let me know. Thanks!

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  1. Diestel Ranch makes a turkey chorizo that I really like. It has a lot of flavor but doesn't add any where near as much fat to a dish as pork or beef versions.

    Bay Area local market, Lunardi's, sells it in 1 lb. chubs for 4.99 (recently went up in price, but still worth it IMO). If you are not near a Lunardi's, Diestel can probably tell you can get it. If your market carries Diestel turkeys they can probably order it.

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      thanks I was hoping for an answer. There are quite a few places that carry Diestel in my area.

      1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

        Good, I hope you can find it. I also forgot to mention that if a lb. seems like a lot you can divide it up and it freezes well.