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Jan 1, 2012 12:03 PM

Good mid-priced French, Italian or Mediterranean Restos from Bethesda to Upper NW

We are new and in the Chevy Chase DC area. My inlaws are coming for their 1st visit. My MIL is a bit limited in her food likes, although she is an excellent cook, etc. Her favorites are french and italian restos. I would prefer to stay north of Georgetown/Dupont if possible, and Bethesda would be great. Thanks in advance.

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  1. dino would be a great pic for an italian restaurant. cleveland park is very easy to get around and not far at all from CC

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      2nd Dino for Italian
      Le Ferme is a nice country French restaurant in Chevy Chase
      Bistro Du Coin is a French Bistro in dupont circle are
      Mussel Bar is a Belgian bistro mussel restaurant in Bethesda
      Le Mannequan Pis is a belgian bistro in Olney

    2. Brasserie Monte Carlo in Bethesda is charming. Every meal I've had there has been excellent.

      1. I would say Dino or Lia's (Chevy Chase). I think Dino has better food, but Lia's is a little more "upscale" in decor, and also a little less.....intimidating (?) to those who aren't as adventurous. It's very good food - both places are, just in a different way.

        1. Le Chat Noir just below Mazza Gallerie on Wisconsin is very good French.

          1. Le Zinc on Macomb St. is excellent!