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rice bran oil in Berkeley area?

I like rice bran oil for certain dishes. I've been buying the California Rice Oil brand at Berkeley Bowl for a few years but they seem to have dropped it. Anybody seen it or some other brand around lately?

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  1. Their website has a store locator: http://www.californiariceoil.com/stor...

    or you can buy it from Amazon -- free shipping if you have Amazon prime.

    1. It was a couple months ago, but I got a gallon of Miyako brand rice bran oil at Ichiban Kan.

      1. Have you tried Koreana in Oakland? I bought a Korean brand from there a few months ago.

        1. Turns out they do still have it at the original Bowl, it's just shelved in a weird place, among some small bottles of flavored oils. Thanks for the tips.

          1. i just saw some at the Dublin Big Lots store, last week. The brand is "Basso", and it is a liter for $6.00. I bought one and kind of like it. If you have a Big Lots near you, and don't want to drive to Dublin, you can go to yours, and ask them to check other stores for you. They enter the code on their orange price tag (not the UPC) to search. Here is the code that is on my bottle "173 114012412 3 042". They can only search the stores in the Bay Area though.
            The front label says 'imported from Italy", the back label says "product of Thailand"

            1. I heard you tell a friend at Trader Joe's that you had located the rice bran oil at Berkeley Bowl. Trader Joe must have heard also because they now have a house brand,

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                  Is it from Thailand? Surin brags that their process results in 8000 ppm gamma oryzanol, which I don't care about but it could also mean more flavor.

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                      And very reasonably priced at $4.99 for a quart (or a liter).

              1. Do any Trader Joe's branches still have this? I've tried a few and not found it.

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                  I've looked for it at several Trader Joe's locations, but I haven't seen it in several months.

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                    On one of the Trader Joe's posts in the Chains board, someone said the rice bran oil had been discontinued. I've looked for it for months and have not seen it, so it may in fact have been discontinued. I haven't asked anyone at the store, though.

                  2. I got some at Tokyo Fish market.

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                      That's where I got mine. Good deal to be had last month, $7.99 for 1.89L. It's "Miyako Tempura Kome Abura" made from Arkansas grown rice.

                    2. I looked at 99 Ranch in Richmond but could not find it.