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Jan 1, 2012 11:49 AM

Cooking DVDs? Alton Brown? America's Test Kitchen? What's good?

I have enjoyed watching America's Test Kitchen on PBS and have watched Alton Brown in the past. That got me to thinking about buying some DVD's to watch while on travel or back on the farm with questionable television service.

What cooking oriented or related DVD's are good and "worth the money"? Any particular seasons or series to avoid?

Reviews of America's Test Kitchens later seasons seem to be mixed though I haven't seen them so I'm wondering if I should skip the newer stuff or not. I was thinking about buying Seasons 8 thru 11 which run ~$21.

With Alton Brown, sifting through all the DVD's is very confusing. I'm also having trouble finding complete seasons and understanding how the "Good Eats" the early, middle, and later years relates to seasonal DVD's.

What does everyone recommend and why? I should add I'm looking for education and entertainment both, though not necessarily in the same DVD set.


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  1. I'd put a vote in for anything Alton Brown. He not only shows you how to make a dish, but alot of the chemistry of cooking and why you do this versus that or use this type of pan instead of another kind, use this type of ingredient and gives the reasons. His shows are not only entertaining, but quite educational.

    As a side note, he is my total geek love, so I am a bit partial (and he rides BMW motorcycles) and the only man I'd leave my husband for - just kidding. LOL

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      I own a number of DVD's. My favorite is America's Test Kitchen. I've put my money where my mouth is - I have bought all the Seasons' books (2 through 10) with their corresponding DVD's (except season 1).

      Yesterday I was looking at the new Essential Pepin cookbook DVD included in the back of the book. Jacques Pepin was demonstrating how to cut up a chicken. Then I went to ATK and watched Bridget cut up a chicken - certainly a lot simpler.