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Jan 1, 2012 11:45 AM

Anyone ever try the Navesink Fishery?

Is it still open? How's the food? Prices?

Happy New Year!


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  1. Haven't been lately. The food has always been very good but no atmosphere. It's the back of a fish market. I love the grouper francaise.

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    1. re: Papa Bing

      Second the grouper francaise. The portion is large enough that I bring home half for the next day. Yes, it's delicious the next day too.

    2. You don't want to go there. Please.

      (You'll spoil it for those who know the secret about this fine place.)

      1. Not inexpensive, but always excellent fish meals, because I suspect the fish is always fresh. Prices can be offset with BYOB. The place is very casual, just a few tables in the back of the store. It's the only place I will buy oysters.

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        1. re: cke25

          I'm interested in your oyster comment. I have been very satisfied with oysters from Lusty Lobster. Have you tried them?

          1. re: Papa Bing

            I normally get all my fish, including shellfish, at the Belford Seaford Coop. I find their prices to be the lowest and their fish is always fresh also. I was disappointed a couple of times with their oysters (not fresh) and a friend recommended Navesink Fishery a couple of years ago. Since then, whenever oysters hit my menu at home, I go to Navesink Fishery to buy them. I have patronized the Lusty Lobster over the years, and have no complaints, but I cannot recall getting oysters there recently. But, yes, they are a reputable seafood supplier in the area. I should try their oysters. Thanks for the tip.

            1. re: cke25

              I find the Belford Seafood Coop is hit or miss. Maybe I go at the wrong times? Typically I get there mid morning on a Saturday.

            2. re: Papa Bing

              I too have been very satisfied with Lusty's oysters.

          2. Very fresh fish excellently prepared. A little gem hidden behind a nondescript storefront.


            1. Sorry Jerseygirl, but going against the grain here as my experience was - over rated and over priced for just an average seafood dining experience. I would compare it to Mr. shrimp in Belmar which I'm not a fan of either...