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Jan 1, 2012 10:23 AM

Thoumieux--dinner fixed menu prices?

Can anyone tell me what the fixed menu prices are for dinner? or if there are there fixed menus at dinner in addition to à la carte? Merci!

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  1. There isn't a fixed price menu for dinner, only for lunch. The prices on the a la carte menu online: are out of date, they've gone up by a euro or two. Four of us ate there last night and we each had either entree+main or main+dessert, plus two 1/2 bottles of wine, two 1/2 bottles of water (they don't have litre bottles-very naughty) and 1 coffee. We paid 68€/pp. The food's quite good, more original than your average brasserie and very well presented. Obviously not a place to go for tremendous value for money.
    I really have to mention the lighting which was subdued but OK when we arrived early in the evening but which was turned down, not once but twice, during our meal. The dessert menu could only be read with the aid of the small candle on the table.

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      Many thanks for your comments which are extremely current! I haven't been to Thoumieux since it changed hands as I was hesitant about the cost/value ratio. I think I will go there for lunch first and try it out. Regarding the lighting, I have a "flashlight" app on my iPhone that I have been known to use to read menus in dimly lit venues...I will be prepared.

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        You'll notice the extensive refurb since it became part of the Costes empire. Actually the decor is nice, a modern take on the brasserie look and you shouldn't have a problem with the lighting at lunch. Sorry to say I can't remember the fixed price for lunch which was shown at the bottom of the menu. It isn't mentioned online.
        I'd recommend a reservation, even for lunch, to be on the safe side. It was heaving last night.