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Jan 1, 2012 10:06 AM

Costco food finds - 1st quarter 2012 [old]

Re-upping. Please mention your location when posting, since Costco inventory varies greatly from one area to another.

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  1. I had loved the Cabot cheese 50 % reduced fat cheddar rectangles (great for a quick portion controlled snack or to throw in a lunch bag and, unlike most of those things, not rubbery). They were gone for a long time but, I am very happy to have found them again at Costco in Chicago (Lincoln Park).
    Tasted some fabulous smokey pulled pork too.

    1. Kirkland Sumatra coffee beans are back in Redwood City, CA (SF Metro)! Also, I just saw a 1/2 gal. Kirkland Almond Caramel Toffee (?) ice cream for just under $8. At this price, I'm thinking it must be a national brand. Haagen Daz? I *think* the last ingredient was toffee.

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      1. re: ceekskat

        ooh that sounds awesome (the ice cream). I'm going on Saturday and will see if we have it in stock in KC.

      2. Back in stock in KC (main street) is the EV Tuscan olive oil from October/November 2011. This is the oil in the square green bottle for about 9.99 a liter (I think). They were out of the previous batch for a couple of months

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        1. re: ChandraNH

          I was glad to find this same olive oil yesterday, but my regular Costco is not carrying it. I happened to be at the one in Mtn View, CA but downtown SF was supposed to have it. (My regular place is SSF on El Camino.)

          I wonder if I should buy another .. I guess one will last me 3-4 months since I use Lucini (from WF) for salad dressing.

        2. Well I finally tried the peppermint bark because it was on sale half off at my Montgomeryville Pa store. Big mistake. Now I know why hounds call it Christmas crack.

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          1. re: givemecarbs

            The salted carmel has the same effect, I made the mistake of opening it on the way home.

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              My wife feels the same way about the Salted Caramels.

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                They both appear to be gone til next year. At my Montgomeryville Pa location I oggled a strawberry rhubarb crumb cake or something. Was very tempted. In the refrigerated foods I saw chicken vindaloo. Anyone try it? I have a cold and I was wondering how well the vindaloo would clean out my sinuses for me. I played it safe and just got the Costco chicken and dumplings which was very comforting on a cold winter night with freezing rain.

              2. Maybe leftover from Holiday stock, but sampled & picked up Cropwell Bishop Stilton for 5 bucks for 1.1lbs today. Tasted similar to Neal's Yard Cashel Blue. In Redwood City, CA.