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Jan 1, 2012 10:06 AM

Spiral ham (heated/glazed on Xmas) - how long does it last?

Hi -

Bought a pre-cooked spiral cut ham from Burger's Smokehouse for Xmas. Arrived frozen. Thawed a couple of days in fridge, then cooked low and slow to heat up and glaze. Now it's one week later and still lots of leftovers ! Burger's instructions state ham is good for 28 days in fridge, then freeze. But is that upon arrival only? In other words, since I opened, heated, and glazed it a week ago I am totally paranoid about it still keeping a few weeks (as opposed to just keeping in fridge unopened). Should I just relax? Never heard of cooked meat lasting a month in fridge, although the ham (and the boneless turkey which has same instructions) is cured, etc.

At any rate, it is one week since cooking low and slow and both ham and turkey taste great and don't smell, etc.

THX for advice! And Happy New year!!

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  1. Salt curing and refrigeration are great for at keeping bacteria in check. You should be just fine.

    1. You can cut all the ham off the bone and freeze it for months. When you thaw it, use it for sandwiches, in scalloped potatoes and baked beans, for ham & eggs,or whatever. Or, after you cut the ham off the bone, you can process it VERY briefly in your Cuisinart just to chop it---don't let it go to a puree---then also process some sweet pickles and mix the ham and pickles with mayonnaise and a little mustard, and this product (known at our house as "ground ham" and considered a delicacy) will last a couple of weeks in the refrigerator---eat it on crackers or make sandwiches. Use the bone to make soup: Cuban black bean, split pea, bean. Any odd bits of ham skin or stuff in pan, save also, to add to green beans when you cook them Southern style. That leftover ham that is worrying you is like money in the bank.

      1. It's undoubtedly still fine, thanks to the salt. If it were beginning to spoil, the cut surface would be irridescent and slimy. Even then, you could rinse that off and be fine. You aren't going to want to eat ham ad nauseam, so freeze packets of it. Make soup or stock with the bone now, or freeze the bone separately for future use.

        1. As they say, eternity is two people and a ham. I've never had ham go bad on me, although I eventually freeze the leftovers to make room for something else.

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            "eternity is two ppl and a ham"
            Hilarious !!!!