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Jan 1, 2012 10:06 AM

Heavy on the mustard

My dad has has the bad habit of opening a new jar of a condiment out of the pantry without checking to see if we have an already open jar in the fridge. We now have two open jars of Dijon, two French's yellow, and a jar of whole grain mustard. What are your favorite recipes that include mustard? Thanks!

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  1. You can make a nice coating for a meat loaf with mustard. You could have a time with the French's making deviled eggs, egg salad and the such. Chicken Dijon is a classic. But to deal with your volume, you might try going to and entering "mustard" in the search box - you'll get lots of options.

    1. I don't know how it happened, but I've loved mustard ever since I was a kid. I can remember coming home from school and making a snack of a cheese and mustard sandwich! Yellow mustard's shelf life is pretty long. My current half used French's bottle doesn't expire until mid-2013. It will be long gone before that. Some BBQ sauces call for yellow mustard. I just made some coney style chili that I put mustard in. I put it in mac salad, on every sandwich I make, including those that typically just come with mayo, gets yellow mustard. On my Nathan's frank that I topped with the coney chili, I also put a lot of mustard. Burgers, egg salad, etc.

      The dijon I've found has a shorter shelf life. In fact, my current half used jar is a month past! I would start making some pan sauces. Can do it with meat or fish. Also, I love honey mustard salad dressing and make that a lot. I'd better starting figuring out more since I'm about to lose my jar!

      I'm looking forward to hearing what others do with their mustard as I am a big fan.

      1. You can make a mustard based barbecue sauce.....or a mustard sauce/marinade for chicken or fish. You can also use mustard as as the glue to coat meats before coating with crushed nuts or breadcrumb mixtures.

        1. My revelation about mustard was when I first made a chicken braise that used a quarter cup of mustard....I assumed it would be way too much. But then I learned that heat tames mustard so it turned out to be a perfect flavor, mustardy without being overwhelming. So, I would look for recipes where the mustard is cooked, since they use more mustard. (Though I don't think you have that much mustard compared to some folks I know.)

          1. Braised pork chops in a mustard cream sauce with mushrooms. One of my very favorite recipes for pork chops.