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Jan 1, 2012 07:27 AM

Dining in the Denver Tech Center Area

I am having my annual team off-site meetings in Denver this year, staying at the Hyatt Summerfield DTC. I like to treat my team to good meals and unusual experiences where possible. (Last year, we were in the Orlando area and went to the Bauern-Stube, an authentic German biergarten/restaurant.) In researching restaurants in the DTC area, I'm finding very little on the Chowhound boards that's not in downtown Denver. So, I've done my best and now I'd like some feedback on my preliminary selections.

Lunch Places -- must be reasonably close to the hotel with decent service so that we're not blowing 2+ hours on lunch -- Las Brisas, The White Chocolate Grill, and Fisher-Clark Delicatessen. (That last entry is one I plucked from the Chowhound boards based on recommendations, but it is toward the outer limit of how far I'm willing to travel during our lunch break.)

Dinner Places -- leaning toward a dinner at The Fort in Morrison (looks pricey; is the food worth it? is the experience/"wow factor" worth it?); Euclid Hall; and Wynkoop Brewing Company (followed by their Improv show in the basement). Fruition and Root Down also caught my eye as possible intriguing options.

So, any duds in my selections? Any better alternatives, either in the immediate DTC area for lunch, or the broader area for dinner? Any suggestions for unique "experience" places with good food? (Casa Bonita certainly looks like it fits the "experience" portion, but I can't say that any of the food reviews have impressed me.)

Thanks, fellow Chowhounds!

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  1. Overall looks okay--although Fisher Clark Deli is closed, I believe

    1. You might consider Linger, which is from the Root Down folks. I had a great NYE dinner there, and it is unique in that it is in a former funeral home and preserves many mortuary fixtures, including table bases that are the conveyor belts that transported the coffins. And it offers a wonderful view of downtown, as its in the highlands or uptown area.