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Dec 31, 2011 10:48 PM

Is the Unicorn Magnum Plus as good as people say it is?

New Year. New Pepper Mill. Its kind of ugly but if its that good, I'll buy it. If not, Im buying the Peugeot Châteauneuf Pepper Mill which has a lifetime warranty vs. the 1 year warranty of the Unicorn Magnum Plus. It might be $100 for a 12 inch Peugot Châteauneuf ($80 for a 9 inch) but a lifetime warranty just makes it seem cheaper than the Unicorn. Just wanted to doublecheck whether or not the Unicorn Magnum Plus is overhyped. tbh, I want it to be overhyped as the looks are a turnoff.

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  1. Magnum looks are not to my taste, either, but it works wonderfully.

    Only downside for me is that it is pretty easy to accidentally twist a part at the top in such a way that the hole for adding peppercorns lies open, and that can lead to some spilled corns. But it's also a convenient opening when you want it.

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    1. re: Bada Bing

      This is exactly why I didn't buy one. Everyone says it works great but many people have complained about the fill hole being easy to accidentally open. That, coupled with the Darth Vader aesthetic, had me looking elsewhere.

      I ended up buying this for pepper:

      And this for salt:

      I couldn't be happier with the performance and quality. Plus it's made in America and has a lifetime warranty.

      1. re: Bada Bing

        Here's a solution to the open pepper door problem:

        Please note in the photo the tiny stainless steel screw that I installed in each peppermill to keep the darn door closed. Works fine. Once tapped with a proper sized drill, the screw backs out easily with a proper sized screwdriver.

        Problem solved. No thanks to Unicorn, who I informed of this problem and solution years ago.

        1. re: GeezerGourmet

          wait, you drilled AND tapped the housing for a screw, not a bolt? Good initiative, GG

          1. re: GeezerGourmet

            While being suitably impressed at the skill required to retrofit the mill door without cracking the plastic housing, I am not at all surprised that the Unicorn people failed to adopt your suggestion.

            There is a solution that doesn't call for tools or hardware: Hold the mill below the window. This is particularly easy to do with the larger model, but I haven't found it difficult or inconvenient on the smaller one, either.

        2. Its a good mill - holds a lot, puts out a lot of pepper, easy to adjust and refill.. I've had mine for years, and still going strong. I use it in the kitchen, so functionality outweighs pretty, but if you want to have a formal "Peppier" (pep-ee-yay) service at the dinner table, go for the one you want to show off with..

          1. I love this pepper mill. It is east to fill, holds a boatload of peppercorns, and grinds up a storm. I've never had one that works this well. I also have had NO problem with the filling hole getting opened by accident.

            1. Can you adjust the size of the grind on the Unicorn?

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              1. re: wincountrygirl

                Yes, there is a setting screw on the bottom of the device that allows you to adjust the grind.

                1. re: wincountrygirl

                  You can, and it's easily done with the screw on the base, but at the finest setting the result is still a little coarser than some might like for table use.

                  The Unicorn is ideal for my purpose, use while cooking. That made its plastic housing a feature: impervious and easily cleaned. Its simple style fits in unobtrusively on the counter by the stove. And it will produce a good quantity of pepper with each grind, even at the finest setting.

                  Very unlike its predecessor, a squat wooden Peugeot that grinds finely but quite sparsely. When the Unicorn arrived, the wooden mill returned to the tabletop for which it was clearly meant.

                2. I've never had a problem with the door opening. It is a very efficient grinder, good for people like me who have wrists with repetitive stress injuries. Less turns of the grinder.

                  If I had dinner parties and wanted a grinder on the table it probably wouldn't be my first choice. But that hasn't come up yet...