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Dec 31, 2011 07:14 PM

Joel Palmer House - Dayton, OR

Is this place still in existance? Is their mushroom soup still to die for?

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  1. Had a very nice meal there in mid-December. Took a couple of newbies who really seemed to enjoy both the soup and the mushroom tart. They really are very tasty dishes. We don't go there often because we don't feel that it's a very good value, but it's a unique place with a compelling background story. It's a good feeling to see a successful family enterprise being passed on to a new generation. We enjoy taking visitors from out of the area because of the emphasis they place on local wines and local/foraged ingredients.

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      Joel Palmer House is very good! You may also want to consider Red Hills Provencial Dining and Dundee Bistro for meals in the wine country. Farm to Fork @ The Inn @ Red Hills is also very good. :)

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        Farm to Fork is closed. They have new owners who are making a name change to Harvest Inn; the windows are papered for now.

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          And now I guess the name change for Farm to Fork is Paulee...

    2. Joel Palmer House has been one of my favorite "special occasion" restaurants in Oregon. I went again last autumn and had a very nice experience. The food was just as good as I remember it, and the mushroom soup is still amazing, as well as the mushroom tart. There have been some changes as Jack Czarnacki's sons have taken over the kitchen and front of the house. The mushroom madness tasting menu's concept has changed slightly, and seems even more decadent, but several favorite dishes remain true to old favorites with a balance of new concepts.

      On our last visit, service started out with a little stumble for the first time ever. We waited for a long time to be sat despite reservations, and then were seated at a table without menus for over 20 minutes, despite being served bread and water promptly. When this was realized by the staff when we requested to see a menu, server attentiveness increased significantly, our corkage fee was waived, and we discovered our dessert had been comped. It was still an awesome experience.

      Joel Palmer House
      600 Ferry St, Dayton, OR 97114

      1. Yes and Yes. Dined there tonight. Had BOTH the special miyataki chowder (to. die. for.) and the wild mushroom soup.

        So good I almost regretted getting the tasting menu (because I wanted a larger portion!), but the other selections were also exquisite.

        Very rich, very decadent - lots of fun. Best meal in Oregon to date.

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          The Painted Lady is our favorite restaurant in Oregon. Plate after plate of perfection! :)