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Just bought two "Pekin" ducks from Sanger Poultry in Ca. .99/pound, 5.00 each.

That seemed like a great price, but I've only done parts before, and they were Muscovy. The the package says they are "fresh", and that they "may contain up to 3% retained water. I am thinking roasting or BBQ "Chinese" style, or maybe smoking, but I only have an outside smoker and limited experience. Any suggestions?

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  1. Building my own thread. I found this


    Looks like I should break it down.

            1. Don't want to lose this " Roast duck questions thread"


              1. Wow! You are answering your own question very well!! What a bargain price you found - even my Chinese market priced them at $2.69/lb. the other day.

                I love a whole roast duck, but I also cut the breasts out to use separately and make the rest into rillettes. One of my favorite appetizers to serve is a little mound of duck rillettes with a potato and pear salad.

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                  I believe I've gone quite mad!

                  Oooooo....rillettes with potato and pears....I have those! Is there a recipe?

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                      If it was't for the recent bump, I wouldn't have realized that I didn't answer your question at all. Please forgive my champagne-induced flakiness.

                      I found this salad idea in an old cook book I inherited from my aunt from the Four Seasons c 1971. It is the perfect foil with a rich rillettes. It's about a 3 to 1 mix of potatoes and pears, dressed with a white vinegar dressing (1 part vinegar to 2 parts neutral flavored oil with a little sugar and grated onion). I add coarse mustard when serving it with pork rillettes.

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                      Our own MMRuth did the five (actually four) hour duck with sour cherry compote below that's been a huge hit every time I've served it. It's now a Christmas tradition.


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                        Awww...I only have legs left. But I have the carcass in the freezer too, so will try the soup recipe in the link.

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                          That Bittman stovetop Chinese roast recipe is terrific made with legs. I recommend halving the sugar.

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                            Good to know. I did the Bittman thing with the breasts.