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Dec 31, 2011 03:54 PM

What's for dinner? #121 - 2012 Introductory Edition! [old]

Time to move on to the culinary adventures of a new year!

We are preparing for our annual New Year's Day Open House, so dinner tonight consists of tastes of our preparations for tomorrow. Our menu includes:
Home made sausage and biscuits
Rabbit Pate
Home Smoked Turkey
Home smoked Port Butt with home made BBQ sauce
Stuffed shells
A big old pile of meatballs
Rosemary rolls
Pecan Tassies
Cheese Cake
Ginger cookies
Coconut pyramids
There will also be
crudites with Green Goddess
Clam dip

I think that's it, but I may have left something out!

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  1. Oh my. Oh my my my my MY! roxlet!

    Mmmmm.....would you mind passing a virtual plate of cassoulet, "port butt" :::grin::: with homemade BBQ sauce, meatballs, stuffed shells, rosemary rolls, and then pecan tassies, cheesecake, ginger cookies (GINGER???), brownies, and whatever it is you're drinking?

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    1. re: LindaWhit

      Your virtual plate is on its way!

    2. Roxlet - everything sounds AWESOME! MMMM

      I am WORN out by rich holiday I had a salad for dinner with a lemon vinaigrette....

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      1. re: jenscats5

        Salad? What's that? Oh, yeah, I remember, green stuff. Not much of that here, I'm afraid!

      2. Wow! That sounds amazing! I'm under the weather so its take out Pho for us tonight. Had to scrub our plans for a prime rib dinner.

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        1. re: foodie06

          Awww...sorry you're not feeling well, foodie06. I hope the new year rings in lots of health and you're able to have that prime rib tomorrow for dinner. :-)

          1. What time is Open House? And what are the directions to your house? :)

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            1. re: Barbara76137

              Too far from Texas, I fear, though we are having a friend who is a Texan :)

            2. Now THAT is impressive. You sure know how to ring it in, roxlet.

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              1. re: nomadchowwoman

                Thank you all! It's quite exhausting, I must say! I started with the baking at 10AM, and just put the stuffed shells in the fridge. The DH is making his sausage now, cassoulet is in the fridge, and the rabbit pate is baking in a water bath in a slow oven. Tomorrow morning I will make my rosemary rolls (adapted from Carol Fields's The Italian Baker), and then it is just a question of getting my house -- and myself -- ready to receive company. The last thing to be done will be my husband making biscuit at about 2PM, anticipating the first guests at 3 or so. No milk punch this year, though, since the party has been drifting later and later, and milk punch is apparently a NYD morning thing down south, which is where the the DH was raised. The only thing that is not made by us is a ham, which I don't think we need, but my husband insists it is necessary...

                1. re: roxlet

                  Sounds like a great party roxlet, I am sure your guests will be thrilled with all of those great dishes. :)

                  1. re: mcel215

                    Yes, and HOW could I have left out the most necessary dish of all -- black-eyed beans and greens! Gotta get some luck this year!

                    1. re: roxlet

                      That menu is amazing roxlet, you must be exhausted. But I bet you knocked everyone's socks off!

                      1. re: roxlet

                        You go girl! Or, er, you went? I am sure it was an amazing par-tay! The menu is fabulous, and you and DH sure worked hard ( I am guessing you were in bed before the ball fell at midnight?) to finish up prep for the guests to arrive today...
                        Many happy wishes for a great, delicious 2012:)
                        You are an admired hound...

                        1. re: gingershelley

                          Thanks all! It was fantastic, and we actually waited for the ball to drop last night, and so to bed!

                          1. re: roxlet

                            Good for you Roxlet! YOu got your midnight groove on, and then the whole party too - you rock!