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Dec 31, 2011 03:46 PM

Cherry Bomb peppers

Got some new-to-me Cherry Bomb peppers at the Bowl. Very odd: if you carefully trim the membranes and seeds from the flesh, they're literally not hot at all, like bell peppers, but if you use them whole, they're in the serrano / jalapeño range. Good flavor.

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  1. Nasty buggers. Some are mild as can be, others blow your head off. Tons of flavor if you gut them. I like them, a lot.

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    1. re: steve h.

      Had a searing experience with pimientos de padrón for the first time. Took a big bite and it was so hot my throat burned for 20 minutes. My lips were on fire too. I pile on jalapeños and hot salsa - this batch was no joke.

    2. I grew these for the past few years. They're excellent pickled!!

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