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Good Chicken Bullion Cubes

After losing 20 pounds, I re-discovered my passion for cooking. Chicken stock is a kitchen/cooking essential.

I know it's not difficult to make, but I've got a small kitchen, and it can get messy. Also time-consuming. However, I care enough about my cooking so that I don't want to dump just any old canned broth into my cooking. (Well, most of the time....if it's on special....don't tell the in-laws.)

Is there a good brand of chicken bullion that anyone here recommends? Most of them look like inedible cubes of chemical glop.

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      Funny you would recommend Better than Boullion. I've been using it for quite a while and really prefer it to the standard cubes.


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        I third this rec. It's not bullion cubes but I like not having to unwrap the cubes and I also like being able to spoon in the right amount instead of having a partial cube left over. Some have complained about the salt content, but I've never found this to be an issue. Costco carries a large jar of Better Than Bullion Chicken in their spice aisle - possibly soup aisle as a second place to find it.

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          I'll fourth the better than bouillon recommendation - I use it quite frequently.

          If you get the organic version, it's soy-free as well. (May not be important to you - soy allergy here.)

        2. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried BtB a long time ago and I didn't like it but perhaps they've improved it since then - I'll definitely give the chicken type a chance.

          Just to be clear, I realize that nothing takes the place of the real deal, but we've got to be realistic about our capacities. I find some make-from-scratch things (like creme fraiche) are easy, but always having homemade chicken stock on hand is a challenge.


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            by the way, the subject was suggested to me by this


            Gabrielle Hamilton herself uses bullion cubes.

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              After viewing the video, I was about to buy Knorr cubes, but couldn't get past the MSG on the lable. (the soup was delicious by the way, I used homemade stock).

              But I did buy some little blister pak vials of chix stock concentrate that had no MSG and didn't need refrigeration. I had never seen that before and haven't used them yet.

          2. I always have a variety of bullion cubes or powders on the shelf. The Better than Bullion is tasty (and you can get it organic) but once opened, you need to refrigerate it. I use bullion from Mexican foods section of the regular grocery store - or from my Mexican Market. There are many unique flavors of chicken bullion there, including tomato chicken, garlic chicken, etc. Some may contain MSG or preservatives, but I use them sparingly anyway -as I keep a freezer full of homemade stocks. I like the variety of the cubes and powders and I am big on experimenting...they are cheap enough to try and toss if needed. Nothing wrong with having "many tools in your toolbox" :)

            1. I've used the turkey, chicken, vegetable and beef varieties of BtB. Vegetable is my go-to flavor, and I prefer the taste of BtB over Pacific or Imagine tetra-pack broths available in my region. For low-sodium applications, I use homemade chicken stock and tetra-pack vegetable broth.

              1. I use something similar to these:


                I find the flavor is better, and the sodium isn't as aggressive (still salty, just not as bad)

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                  Looks like the sodium content is higher in the Knorr.

                2. More than Gourmet. Pricey and not really "cubes"' more a paste, but you can measure it by

                  teaspoons. It's so much better than those salty products, but as I said $$$, but worth it.

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                    Really good product and much lower in sodium than the BBB.

                  2. For at least 15 years, I've been using soup bases from a little company in Michigan City, Indiana called Integrative Flavors. My favorite chicken or beef soup base is in their WWW line. Last time I was in Michigan City, I picked up a low sodium chicken soup base, an all natural chicken soup base, and a vegetarian soup base in their Cook's Delight line. I love all their products.
                    If my sons are visiting up there, I have them bring me some home in their luggage.


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                        Yes, any one of those. The one I use the most is WWW Chicken Flavor Base at the bottom of the page.