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Kosher Parmigiano-Reggiano

Does anyone know where I can find imported kosher Parmigiano-Reggiano in NY? I used to get it at Fairway but haven't been able to find it there for about a year. All they sell now is the american made type which doesn't compare.

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  1. If you don't mind a trip out to Teaneck Glatt Express has a couple of different brands of it.

    1. I've seen it at Zabar's in the past. Also, Kosher Marketplace tends to stock in consistently.

      1. Last place I saw it was at Kosher Marketplace; Fairway and Zabars don't seem to have it anymore.z

        1. I bought some at Zabar's a few weeks ago. Am planning to go back and buy more, so I'll let you know.

          1. I checked at kosher marketplace but all they had was the Cheese Guy brand which is imported from Argentina. I'm looking for the Pieffe brand which is imported from Italy. Fairway carried it for years but I haven't been able to find it lately.

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              The Pieffe brand is the best I've had.

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                Me too but I can't find it anymore

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                  It appears this place may still have stock. If I had to guess, I'd say they stopped making a kosher run. Perhaps someone can reach out to the Milanese rabbi (Yitchak Belinow: http://www.jewishitaly.org/detail.asp...) who gave his hechscher.


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                The brands from Argentina are far inferior to Pieffe.

              3. None of the local (NYC area, incl. Teaneck) stores have any of the Pieffe brand Parm-Reg cheese anymore, nor any of the other kosher cheeses imported from Italy or France (Ermitage brand, esp.) that were available for a few wonderful-eating years.
                The PR is available in a 10 lb. chunk( ! ) from the "goitalygourmet" site mentioned above. That's a bit too much for me-does anyone want to split it in 1/4s or ,at most 1/3s? We could try to work it out-no effort too great , no price too crazy, it seems.

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                  I'd be interested in splitting it

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                    Great! Now, one more person, please, or two, and we can do it. If it were further from Pesach I'd split it in two, but I won't use 5 lbs. that fast, and I'd have to freeze it. People say it's fine that way, but I have no personal experience. Does anyone?
                    I e-mailed the rabbi that certified the cheese, in Milan, and received an answer this am from his wife or daughter, I guess. She says the " are having trouble finding kosher stomachs" and that it will be a year or year and a half until they again have the Italian cheeses we were getting here for a while but have now disappeared. It makes me feel that it's all the more urgent to buy the 10 lb. block while we can. Maybe I will go ahead just with you, Tamark.

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                      any idea of the price? might be interested

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                        The cost of the cheese is $235.99 for 10 lbs. plus shipping of $14.00, though I might be able to avoid the shipping. It's more or less the same price we've been paying by the pound-a little less than Manhattan prices.
                        As there seems to be almost none left, I hope to order on Sunday am, so please get back to me asap. Of course, we'd have to work out the logistics, but I'm sure we could.

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                        I'm game to split 2, 3 or 4 ways.

                  2. I am very bummed out. I just tried to order the cheese, and that last one is gone!. I was afraid to commit to it yesterday, alone, and was gone until now today. I'll keep checking, and wrote a note to the website ,in case they are in error, but I doubt we're able to get it. Sorry to anyone disappointed.

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                      I have been getting Vegitalia Parmigiana Reggiano imported from Italy in Center City, Philadelphia. It is delicious! It is imported by a group called Kosher Taste of Italy. As far as I know, they only carry retail in philly, Teaneck, and Chicago but if you email them, perhaps they will ship to you. They also have some other delicious cheeses I have never found elsewhere, such as buffalo feta. Website is www.koshertasteofitaly.com

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                        Thanks so much to Hirscheys for the info re Kosher Taste of Italy's cheeses. In fact, I did buy their shredded parmesan in Glatt Express in Teaneck, and it was pretty good. I am confused by its named-"Vegetalia" and the claim that it is 100% vegetarian: are they referring just to the rennet, or the'cheese" itself? I couldn't tell from the website, nor the package, but intend to ask them. The other cheeses all say what type of milk is used. They have cheeses made in several countries, but I found very little, as I recall, in Glatt Express, a few weeks ago. I'll have to try the other Teaneck store, and ask them to carry a greater variety. I'd like to try the Dutch hard cheeses.
                        Last word on the Parmesan-IMO, it doesn't compare to the Pieffe brand we've been writing about! (But I'll take it.)

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                          Hi - The "vegetarian" refers only to the rennet. It is confusing. The wedge is much better than the shredded. I haven't tasted the Pieffe brand being discussed here (clearly, I need to!) but if you've only tasted the shredded definitely try the wedge. It is really good and so far, the best kosher parmigiana I've tried.

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                            Thanks for the clarification. I still wonder why they don't list ingredients, either on the package or on their web site, only in regard to the parmesan.
                            Can't wait to try the wedge!

                    2. Any update on where to find parm in the NYC area?

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                        For Parm, you can find Millers at your nearest kosher store. If you want real Parmigiano-Reggiano and read the the thread, you'd see that it won't be available for at least a year.

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                          Harmony has their Kidwelly back in stock if you want to try something similar to Parmesan http://www.harmonyspecialty.com/cart/...

                          There are previous threads about the Harmony Specialty cheeses.

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                            Great News! New shipment arrived from Italy at Kosher Marketplace in Manhattan (90th and Broadway) they told me they have customers whom they are calling specially to let them now.... hope it doesn't all sell out in a few days. Such good genuine stuff

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                                It looks to be a different brand, but it's clearly labeled Parmigiano regiano. Its also $22 for .55 pounds so even more expensive than what was around before. I haven't opened the package yet to taste it, but will report back when I do.

                                    1. re: avitrek

                                      Can you please take a close up picture of the brand? Thank you.

                                      1. re: jrfigo

                                        Gran Duca. They've historically made a kosher Gran Padano.

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                                I've just tuned in to this latest exciting development in the authentic kosher-parmesan reggiano-in NYC area search, and can't believe I'm so late to hear the news. Does KMP still have any?I won't be back in NY until 8/10,but hope to check all the local possibilities in the city and in Teaneck next week.Can't believe they've almost doubled the price! (From $25/26 per lb. to $22 per half lb.
                                Has anyone ever come across the once-mentioned Vegitalia Parm. Reg. imported by Kosher Taste of Italy, in the NY area?

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                                  I'm happy to report back that if the Gran Duca Parmigiano-Reggiano isn't quite as good as the Pieffe, it's pretty darn close. Also, as of last Thursday (8/9), Kosher Marketplace still had a lot of them in stock.