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Dec 31, 2011 01:22 PM

Good deal on All-Clad?

I was browsing in Willams-Sonoma and I stumbled upon what I thought was a great deal. I bought two Stainless frying pans. 10in and 12in respectively for $80! I was interested in the 13in french skillet, but this seems like a better value. What do you all think?

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  1. Both pans for $80?? I think yes, as long as you need them, that's a great deal! (You do need those size pans, don't you?) :-)

    1. Very good deal -- if you are going to use. Do you think you will get to use them or do you have a lot of pans already?

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        Thanks guys! I think they'll get constant use. I have a couple of cuisanart pans that may or may not be tri-ply or multiclad. They're MUCH heavier when compared to All-clad. The only downside is that the pans didn't come with lids. The 10in lacking a lid is no big deal. The 12in would certainly be more user friendly with a lid.

      2. If they only had better handles I would be all over that deal. That inverted "V" handle just doesn't work for me. I did score their 5qt Copper Core dutch oven for $100. That sucker is heavy, heavy, heavy and has normal loop handles!!!! :-D

        1. But if you wanted the french skillet, you still want it, unless you think the 12-inch fryi g pan suffices. I have a 10-inch (Calphalon) skillet which is a little small for the uses I make of it, so I wanted the 11-inch AC french skillet. I managed to score an LTD2 11-inch french skillet (now out of production) on a year-end clearance sale, only a day or two before they ran out. The extra inch diameter and 1/2 inch depth makes a big difference. That was a great deal because it was exactly what I wanted. A 12-inch frying pan would not have been a great deal for me at any price, because I didn't want one.

          If they are what you want, however, you got a great price for sure.