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Dec 31, 2011 01:19 PM

BROOKS in Ventura closing - so sad!

Can any of you fellow Chowhounds let me know what happened to BROOKS in Ventura?
It was, quite simply, the best, most creative restaurant in the area -- with superb wine list, welcoming staff and comfortable sophistication. Nothing around compares.
Just interested in what happened and what their next venture may be.
Thanks and Happy New Year to all.

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  1. Chowhound puts Ventura in the Los Angeles forum - maybe some one call help you there. Sorry, I did not know anything about this restaurant though many others in Ventura have made it a favored dining destination for those of us living a bit to the north. Yelp tells the story - sounds like a sad decline in quality and now a final closing on New Years Eve.

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      Thank you for the information, just found it. Very sad indeed. BROOKS was a wonderful place, and I hope that their next venture is as classy. Best of luck to the owners.