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Dec 31, 2011 12:51 PM

freezing uncooked prime rib

Hey Hi !

Still glowing from the success of Christmas Prime Rib
I saw a small 6 pounder on sale today and bought it
intending to dry age it this week and cook next weekend.
It just occurred to me that my DH and sons will be tied up
that weekend and not available for dinner either night.

So I would like to know if I can freeze the prime rib
now, and keeping in mind that I would still like to dry age it about 7 days,
about how many days ahead would I take it from the freezer and
thaw / age prior to cooking ?

Assuming that it's ok to do so.
Thanks in advance !!!!!

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  1. Yes, you should able to freeze the prime rib.

    Because your prime rib is pretty bad, I would put it in a plastic bag and thraw it in water and then bring it back to the refrigerator. If it was a small one, then you could just take it from freezer to refrigerator.

    1. You can dry age for up to 12 weeks -- it'll just get more tender and intense. So if you're only delaying a week, just leave it in the fridge and make sure you trim off the leathery parts before you cook it.

      Longer than that you can freeze, but allow a couple of days to thaw before doing the aging.