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Dec 31, 2011 12:37 PM

Looking for replacement to aluminium casserole pans

We continually buy those aluminium cooking pans to make things like lasagna, ziti and other casseroles in. Just looking for something on the cheaper side that will last. Caste iron is likely vest but I am not into any painted or enamelled cookware. Pyrex is known to break these days and I can't really find much else in glass.

any ideas?

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  1. I like my vintage Corning Ware. It has easy to hold handles and glass lids. Some I have had since I was first married and others I bought off of ebay. I have never had one break in all these years. Well, except for the one I dropped. You can find them at garage sales and flea markets too.

    I also have a stoneware (pfattsgraff)casserole dish that I like too. It holds the heat well. But I like my Corning Ware the best.

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      Corning looks pretty decent. I will try to find some at a fair price. Thank you.

    2. Is this some new problem with Pyrex? I've got a ton of it, and except for the time I stupidly put a hot from the oven pyrex into a sink with cold water (HUGE explosion of wet glass shards) I've never had a problem. Avoid my heat shock mistake and I think Pyrex is awesome for both baking dishes and casseroles

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        Pyrex changed the glass they use, now it's not really safe for cooking and can explode. Older stuff still made of borosilicate is fine

      2. I love my vintage (35 yr old) Corning and Pyrex ware. Emile Henry make a great line of casserole dishes, as does Le Creuset. In particular the Emile Henry "Flame" ceramic are great! My tagine has survived gas grill, oven and gas flame cooktop, and can apparently be used on an induction cooktop with the appropriate steel plate :)

        1. I wonder if a 'hotel pan' would work for you. These are the ones you see in steam tables, and DDD episodes. Restaurant supply stores carry them, as do warehouse stores (in their commercial kitchen section).

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            They could I will look into them. Thanks