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Jun 3, 2006 12:47 AM

How's the BRANZINO at Angelini Osteria?

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How's the branzino dish at Angelini? I always hear raves about the lasagna, but was wondering about this dish.

Someone told me not to expect anything even close to the branzino I had in northern Italy. Is this true?

Also, do they offer a house wine at all? Any good?

Thanks, Chow-sters!

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  1. They don't offer a house wine but they have a very good wine selection...especially by the glass.

    Most of the branzino we see in this area is farmed so it will not taste like wild branzino from the Meditterean.

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    1. re: Sue V. that's what my friend meant. Farmed branzino versus wild. Okay. Maybe I'll try it anyway since I'm not a veal fan.


    2. I have only had their Branzino served al sale, and it's not as good as the best in Italy but still worth having.

      1. Never had the Branzino in Northern Italy, but I loved the Branzino I had at Angelini. Simple, but perfectly done

        1. I always enjoy the branzino at Angelini. It's a smaller fish than you get in Italy, but choice. There is a good red wine called 'Ruzus' available by the glass for $9.

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            mother Hubbard

            Bronzino at Il Soleil on Sunset just east of Holloway is fabulous.