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Dec 31, 2011 11:09 AM

Kitchenaid Stand mixer - which size to get?

Am contemplating using some Christmas money to purchase a Kitchenaid stand mixer - which size would you guys recommend? I haven't researched them a lot and there seem to be a fair amount of options even beyond size! I'd love to have one like I've seen Giada, Ina and Ree Drummond use!

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  1. I got the 6 qt Professional 600 in November. I knew I wanted to do bread in it and I wanted to have the capacity for that. I recommend getting an extra bowl- I did and it was really handy during the holidays.

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    1. re: vafarmwife

      I am interested in doing bread and pizza dough!

    2. I have the 6 qt. Pro as well. It has the most powerful motor.

      Whatever you do, do *not* put the aluminum pieces (paddle, whisk) in the dishwasher.

      Note that any gear you see on TV is not there because it is the best, but rather because it has been provided free by the manufacturer.

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      1. re: acgold7

        Do you guys keep yours out on the counter? Guessing the 6 qt one doesn't take up much more space visually than the 5. I'll probably try and match mine to my appliances and get a stainless steel version.

        1. re: charmdesign

          Yep mine has a place of honor on the counter. If I am going to spend $399 for something, you bet it is going to be seen. LOL

          1. re: charmdesign

            If you have access to costco they have been selling the 6qt pro 575watt for 289$ in canada at least might be less in the states

            1. re: Dave5440

              Be very careful and check the specs. The ones at the Costco that I've seen are not the top model and have less horsepower.

              If this is the one you are talking about, note that it is 5.5 qt, not 6.


              which is not the same mixer as


              1. re: acgold7

                The one in the canadian costco near me used to be the 6qt, but online they only show the 5.5, but there is no flour rating.But it is the 575 watt so it WILL be the same horsepower. And BTW I can tell the difference between 5.5 and 6

                1. re: Dave5440

                  There used to be one that truly was 600 watts, I'm pretty sure. But mine are 575 as well so I guess they're not available anymore.

                  1. re: acgold7

                    From what i've read the "Used to be" KA's are far better, but maybe they've listened and are getting better. I just wonder if the "Made in USA" is factual.

                    1. re: Dave5440

                      Yeah, I think there's no question that the older ones were more rugged. I had a 5 qt model that I used for years but the circuit board went haywire and now all speeds are the same. My first 6 qt model stripped its gears when I was grinding semi-frozen meat (even though they tell you to do this; I guess the meat was a little more than "semi" frozen). I replaced all the gears myself, but it was still really loud, so I bought another and it's louder than the first one. But both were refurbs and consequently much cheaper than new ones, so at least there's that.

            2. re: charmdesign

              The pro is much larger than the artisan - taller and has a bigger footprint. I got the artisan (in the custom metallic series - swoon!) in part because I prefer the looks but also don't have counter or cabinet clearance for the larger pro.

            3. re: acgold7

              What is the reason for this, acgold7? I know not to, and I never have, but on Christmas Day, someone put my whisk in the DW, where I discovered it the next morning when I was unloading. It looks the same. Is there anything I should be worried about?

              1. re: nomadchowwoman

                The tines are stainless, but the hub is aluminum, and it turned dull grey the first time I washed it in the DW, before I even used it. Same with the flat beater and dough hook, which are all-aluminum. Took me hours to polish them up by hand to restore their shine.

                The manual says not to put these in the DW, but it's buried in fine print. In my opinion it should be a big red sticker on the box.

                1. re: acgold7

                  I did it, too -- I figure it's just cosmetic, so I'm not too fussed.

                  I have the 6-qt, 600W pro, by the way -- when I told a colleague that hubby had bought me the mac daddy mixer for Christmas, he looked horrified and asked if I'd let him sleep in the house yet...he didn't understand that for me, a 6-qt, 600W KA Pro was like giving Tim Taylor the entire Binford product line. (MORE POWER!!!)

              2. re: acgold7

                I've had a K45SS for, oh, maybe 35 years now. I always put the paddle and whisk in the dishwasher. Both still going strong.

                1. re: JoanN

                  Ditto with my 35 year old K5. Never had a problem with any of the attachments going in the DW. Everything is either stainless or coated on baked on enamel. I can't see how a DW would hurt either.

                  1. re: tim irvine

                    See above. The Pro model comes with aluminum attachments, or at least the two I have did. I had to buy enameled ones separately. Those are fine in the DW.

              3. Can I get the 6 qt one at Kohls? - I'm working with a Kohl's gift card. If not, I'll check elsewhere.

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                1. re: charmdesign

                  yes, online. Check out They will price match and also allow you to use coupons, etc. Got mine there are got a great deal. There might still be a rebate too.

                2. If your gonna be doing any type of doughs def get the 6qt. the tilt heads dont have metal gears in them.

                  1. Get the biggest you can afford with the highest wattage, for some reason the under 6qt size goes from 250 to 450 watts and the 6qt is 475 to 575

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                    1. re: Dave5440

                      So, I just found out that the place I would like to buy it (the place I have the gift card for is Kohls!) only carries the 5 qt one - the 'Artisan Stand Mixer'. I'm thinking that would be more in the budget anyhow. What ways would I be losing out not getting the 6 qt?

                      1. re: charmdesign

                        charmdesign, here's a good guide that compares all the KA models

                        As you look through the guide, think about how you'll be using your mixer to help determine the best mixer for your needs.

                        A very quick summary between the Artisan and the Pro 600 is the Artisan is a tilt head with a 5 quart capacity and its motor is 325 watts. The 600 is a bowl lift, 6 quart capacity and it's motor is 575 watts. Theoretically, the 600 should be able to handle heavier loads.

                        If you decide on the 600 and it's not available at your local Kohl's, try another or look online. There is a $50 rebate on the 600 that expires today, but keep in mind KA offers rebates on both machines several times yearly. If you can be patient, get your mixer during a rebate period.

                        Whichever model you select, the great thing about Kohl's is they will price match to other retailers and you can use multiple coupons to further reduce the price. Additionally, if you hit a Kohl's sale and get their cash back, it's usually a great deal after all the discounts (for example, right before Christmas, with sale prices, discounts and Kohl's cash back, members at were reporting the Artisan for about $145 and the 600 at about $225.

                        I have both models and use the 600 the most due to bread doughs and capacity.

                        Happy choosing! Please let us know which one you selected.

                        1. re: Molly James

                          people were getting the pro for $128 after rebate (and possibly Kohl's cash). It was an insane deal!

                          1. re: Molly James

                            Can you re-link me it didn't work. Thanks for the tips. If you did say, pizza dough in the Artisan, would that work out okay? Just enough dough for two mediums pizzas I suppose.I guess I am wondering what the main issue with breads is- the dough on breads rising past the bowl capacity? So far leaning to the 5 qt since it's at Kohls. Want to check that guide you linked me to confirm my choice.

                            1. re: charmdesign

                              I'd go with the larger/pro model, especially with dough. It's about the power of the motor, not the dough rising in the bowl. The pro model can handle bread doughs better.
                              Also, for making cakes, the larger bowl is big enough to hold the egg whites/yolks once they've been whipped, especially if you are using a recipe for 2 9-inch layers. Also, for things like home made marshmallows, the larger motor and bowl capacity is great.
                              I've seen the artisan on sale, have been tempted, but have held off until I can afford the larger model.

                              1. re: charmdesign

                                Guide link Ok, I see the link is still being parsed when I post. Try this: Google "Amazon Kitchenaid Guide" The link will take you to a consolidated KA standmixer page. On the left, the last text section is for Guides and Charts, click on Model Comparison.

                                In my experience, making pizza dough in the Artisan causes the machine to bounce around and "walk" a bit while kneading- not good if the machine is near the counter edge!

                                The 600 does have metal gears, and it's stronger motor is more capable of kneading heavier or more dense doughs.

                                I agree with the suggestion below if you get the 600, the 3 quart bowl is a great addition if you intend on using it for much smaller quantities.

                                1. re: charmdesign

                                  Your dough won't rise very well in the shape of the Artisan bowl no matter what. You'll get a much better rise if you put in in a wider and shallower bowl. It will rise eventually, but very slowly. Also, if you plan a day or two ahead you can let it rise over night in your refrigerator. The texture and flavor of dough gets much, much better the longer it is allowed to proof.

                                2. re: Molly James

                                  Yay for that link to the comparison chart!!!

                                  1000x more helpful than the lame comparison on KA website.

                                3. re: charmdesign

                                  they sell them online (and around here in store).