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Dec 31, 2011 11:06 AM

Where to buy food grade beeswax

Looking for food grade beeswax to line my canele molds I bought in Paris
Local Toronto preferred but anything online that will ship is fine too

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  1. Would Clapham’s Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish work? I use if for my wood cutting board and utensils. It's beeswax mixed with a little mineral oil. So, it's not pure beeswax if that's what you need. But it's made by a beekeeper in BC and is food grade.

    I bought a small container at the Gardiner Museum gift shop where I also the cutting board. Clapham's website lists Lee Valley Tools as another GTA retailer.

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      Thanks I'll Give it a shot
      If anyone else has any suggestions they would be appreciated

    2. most homesense/winners carry howards butcher block conditioner which is food grade beeswax with mineral oil....

      1. Anyone know how this would change the white oil mixture?
        Since these beeswax already have some oil in them

        1. I would avoid any of the wood conditioning concoctions including mineral oil, they are food grade in that the oil is not toxic but you really don't want it in the crust of the finished caneles.

          There is a beekeeper who sells honey and beeswax items including bulk beeswax blocks at the Brickworks market and probably other markets such as Wychwood. They will able to verify for you that what you are buying is pure beeswax.

          To use the beeswax to make the canele melt the beeswax and an equal amount of butter then liberally brush the inside of the mold with the liquid butter/beeswax mix. This actually forms part of the crispy crust of the canele so you want to avoid any oils or fats that will alter the flavour profile.