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Jun 3, 2006 12:34 AM

HELP ME!!!! Where to eat LUNCH around WILSHIRE and HAUSER BLVD?

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Hi Chowhounders,

I am starting a new job at Wilshire and Hauser. Where can I go for a decent, inexpensive lunch?

I've eaten at the Baja Fresh near there, and it is terrible! (The branch on Sunset in Hollywood is much better.)

I did not see many options nearby when I last looked. I think I saw a pizza joint and some organic place. Any good?

Any decent food carts around?

Help me, Chowhounders!!

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  1. If you can hop in the car, I really love Sky's Tacos which is on Pico near Hauser. They're known for their shrimp tacos, but I like the spicy steak tacos and the fresh lemonade.

    There is coffee place, Black Dog (I think it's called that) that is walking distance. I had a nice cuban coffee there, not sure about the food. My husband used to work in the Variety building and that was a major complaint of his, not only were the choices marginal, they were crowded too. What about an overpriced but tasty soup and sandwich at the mini Patina place at LACMA?

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      Thanks for your responses. I'll check out Black Dog and Patina.

      They need to really add some Chowhounder spots in that neighborhood...there's so much going on there.

      Or maybe it will force me to bring my lunch and save $$$.


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        I'm a huge fan of Black Dog, you can customize something there if the choices seem limited. The white chedder sandwich is great.

        And they take some old standards and add a cool twist, like mango chutney on the egg salad.

        They even make BLT!

        You could also go high end by going over to La Brea. And don't forget the whole ordering in thing, there are some places like Zen Grill or Kung Pao bistro that deliver to this area.

      2. re: Debra

        I feel your pain, I've worked there for 10 years. At Black Dog, I like the fresh mozzarella sandwich and the beef salad. Their soups and sandwiches in general are pretty good. O Cafe to Go is even worse than when it was Briazz, but the chicken chili isn't bad.
        Johnnie's Pizza is bad and overpriced. Do not eat at Callender's, it's awful. I can't eat at Koo Koo Roo either, although I don't mind Baja Fresh once in a while. There's a little place -- can't remember the name right now -- in back of the tall white building on the south side of Wilshire. They have a good arugula chicken salad and ok grilled sandwiches. If you are craving Japanese, they do lunch at Sake House Miro on La Brea and 8th St.
        If you can drive somewhere, there's Farmer's Market, Rita Flora, Luna Park, Mani, Cafe Latte, Fiddler's Cafe, etc.
        Good luck!


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          Thanks a million, Chowpatty!

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            Oh yeah, if you like hot dogs, the cart on Wilshire near Masselin is pretty good, and they're very nice. Avoid the roach coach that parks right there, however.

        2. Have you tried Chulada Grill at Hauser and San Vicente? It's not very far and is tasty Mexican fare. I used to live relatively close and always loved their tacos. They had great, but very greasy, chorizo. I didn't have many of their Oaxahacan specials, but the ones I had were always pretty good. I love their spicy pico de gallo and still miss it now that I live outside the neighborhood. They also deliver.


          1. If you feel like a little bit of a walk (less than a mile), there's a mini-mall at Wilshire and Crescent Heights (south side of the street) that has Cafe Latte (nice, sit-down place with good salads, sandwiches, great coffee & breakfasts--BF and I are there every weekend), California Sushi & Teriyaki (despite its cheesy name and appearance, decent sushi and a great avocado salad), Tawanna Thai (perfectly adequate Thai), and Trimana (average salads, sandwiches, etc. for take-out), Subway, and Wahoo's. Just one block west of there is Rocco's pizza, which has gotten some good reviews (and my business about once a week). Hope that helps!

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              Trimana's the bog-standard corporate deli -- there's one in the Disney Channel building, there's one behind Il Moro, there's one in the B of A tower (or there was, haven't worked downtown in years).

              It's not bad, it's quick despite the depressing lines, and it's generally cheapish... it's the Au Bon Pain of Los Angeles. They deliver, too, but it ain't quick, and they charge a few dollars for it.

              I still can't pronounce it -- is it "try-man-uh"? "tree-mahn-ah"? "try-mania?" How do you pronounce the umlaut atop the M? :-P

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                I always thought it was Try-mah (as in Ma [and Pa])-nah (same as mah).

                However it's pronounced, it's still crap.

                I knew about the a few other Trimanas -- in what was once the Arco Tower (across from the Wells Fargo Center), one of the Century City buildings on Century Park East, and in Encino (in the big white building at Densmore) -- but the website says that there are 36 of them in LA.

            2. Thanks for all your responses. I'm slowly discovering this neighborhood...

              1. Haha I used to intern in that area --- Calendar's lunch special isn't bad (as is Johnny's for pizza) -- Luna Park on Wilshire and La Brea is pretty good, another option would be Susina's for their paninis / salads (and definitely a sweet after).