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Dec 31, 2011 09:54 AM

TENDER BEEF stroganoff

I bought a few lbs of stew meat i want to use this to make beef stroganoff i want to make a mushroom sour cream sauce with this any suggestions on how to make stew meat tender and tasty

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  1. Well, you need to braise it first for a few hours at least along with browned onions. It won't be the classic stroganoff which is usually made with excellent meat that is quickly sauteed. Once it is tender you can do the rest with the mushrooms etc. More of a stroganoff stew but it can be mighty tasty.

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        my tastebuds being what they are, i'd prefer a richer stew cut, vs a leaner, less flavorful cut. just give yourself enough time to get a proper braise. it may take 3 hours, it may take 6. i'd plan on braising the meat one day, chilling everything overnight and finishing the stroganoff the next day.

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        I've done this a few times before and it worked out just fine. I agree it is more of a stroganoff stew, but I saved a fair amount of money using this less expensive meat.

      3. There are a couple of threads here arguing about what makes "authentic" stroganoff and they got pretty heated. Typically these days you see the recipes calling for very tender beef, like from the tenderloin, to be quickly seared and left rare inside but still very tender.

        But with stew meat you will have to go the other way. Stew meat is, by definition, tough and requires stewing -- i.e. a long slow braise -- to be tender. But it has great flavor.

        So make a stew using all the stroganoff ingredients except the sour cream. When the meat is tender, after probably 2 to 3 hours of braising in the oven or on the stove or even in a crockpot, strain out the solids and reduce the sauce until it's thick. Off heat, whisk in the sour cream until it's smooth and then add back the beef, stir thoroughly, and serve.

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          There are also threads about Thomas Keller's recipe for stroganoff using 'left over' short ribs. He describes his recipe as inspired by the 1950s American home (and school cafeteria) classic.

        2. I flour my strips of beef, brown them in a little oil in batches, then when they are all nicely browned, throw them all back in the pan with a couple cups of beef broth and simmer for a couple of hours, adding more broth if it gets too dry. I add some mushrooms the last half hour or so, and the sour cream at the last minute.

          1. Best bet to make stew meat (whatever that is) tender is to use a tenderizer like a Jaccard gizmo.

            1. I wooed my (now) wife with a long-cooked stroganoff some 30 years ago. It used chuck, lots of mushrooms, and yogurt instead of sour cream.