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Dec 31, 2011 09:42 AM


Inexpensive solid Pho and Vietnamese offerings in the Allandale Wallmart shopping center from the folks who own Pho Saigon. They have an extensive menu pho, stew, grilled proteins over rice/noodles and the standard eggroll/springroll appetizers.

The pork banh mi sliders (on steam buns) were tasty but the bun did have some chew to it like it had been steamed a bit ago, but the pork was spot on.

We also had a beef stew, a pork/shrimp wonton pho and a kids order of grilled chicken over rice. including the sliders and one drink the total bill was $27 and we took a whole order of pho home.

There isn't much to the interior. its just a place to eat. Very generous portions, fast friendly service and a great price point will make this a regular lunch spot for me.

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  1. Thanks! We could use some good pho without driving all the way over to Lamar. Pho Saigon is great.

    1. Today for lunch had the vermicelli with egg rolls. Good enough to warrant return visits. I talked to a fellow who is probably the manager/owner and he said this is a one of a kind, not a franchise nor chain. It is sort of a fast food type deal where you order from a touch screen if you are using a c.c. This interior is minimalist but I believe well done and has good design elements. I was impressed with the place in both food and appearance. When I went in around 12:30 most of the tables were taken.

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        We've been a number of times now. I like it. I think calling it Solid Pho like ieathereforiam did is a good description. Is there a better bowl of pho in town? Probably. I might give that nod to Pho Hoang on Rutland. But Phonatic is pretty good, with a really nice selection of Pho, Bun and some other interesting soups. they are in a neighborhood which up until now didn;t have much vietnamese options, so that's good. And the interior is clean and comfortable. All in all a good go to spot when you don't feel like gooding or if its one of those rare cold rainy days in Austin and you crave a hot bowl of soup.

      2. I went last night and ordered a 'regular' size of noodles and added some steamed veggies to it.. I had one full serving and have enough left for yet another full size serving either for lunch or tonight.

        I ordered mine to go and was given bean sprouts, onions, basil, cilantro, jalapenos and 2 sauces to add to my soup. The steamed veggies were also served on the side so I could choose what I wanted to add to my soup. It was all very fresh and very good.

        The manager was very kind and I was told this place is family owned. I'm glad they are doing well.

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          I think an interesting side benefit of this place is the name. Perhaps it will teach people the correct pronunciation of the word "pho". Also there is a sign inside that says the food is "pho-nomenal", another heuristic, I hope. ( I have been corrected more than once by those who tell me that it is pronounced as the word "foe")

        2. I like this place a lot. My favorite Pho in town is probably Tan my or Pho Huong but the filet mignon pho at Pho-natic can't be beat! Never had meat so tender in pho before. This post reminded me to go back next week. :)