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Dec 31, 2011 09:16 AM

Cambridge Winter Farmers Market to Open 1/7/12

This is at the Cambridge Community Center, in Cambridgeport off of Putnam.

Click on schedule to see vendors on each date:

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  1. Thanks! What a great list of vendors. I am totally psyched for this.

    1. thanks so much for posting. I live in Somerville and have enjoyed the Somerville winter market at the amory a lot, but the bus to get there is so difficult, actually much easier for me to get to this one.

      1. I went over today (gorgeous day) and really had a great time at this new winter market. Lots of local businesses were there featuring local eggs and veggies, baked goods, cheese, pasta, chocolate, flavored butters, fresh fish, meat and some amazing cheesecake. The room is spacious, with plenty of seating for a little coffee break. Many delicious samples. We spent a lot of money and came home with many treats that will keep us happy until next week. Very excited about the local mushrooms which came with a good looking recipe.

        The location is about a ten minute walk from Central Square. Although some of the vendors take credit cards, do bring cash as many do not. So happy that this is available for us this year.