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Dec 31, 2011 08:20 AM

Simplex Tea Kettle Whistle

I have long admired the beauty of these kettles but resisted buying one as 1) I didn't have a gas stove and 2) didn't want to take up room on the stove storing it.

We will be moving into a new house in a couple weeks however that will have a 6 burner gas cooktop. I decided it would be great to finally indulge myself and buy one of these beautiful kettles for myself.

Of course, they are now no longer being made. I was sadly disappointed to discover this and have only been able to find a few selling for hundreds of dollars on ebay.

My husband however turned one up on the clearance rack at a Sur La Table earlier this week. It's the flat bottomed electric version and not the gas one with the coils but still lovely.

However it won't whistle. We can hear the whistle mechanism rattling around in the spout, which I believe it's supposed to do? But no whistle. We've tried varying the amounts of water in it. It didn't come in a box and thus no paperwork so we don't know if there's something particular we should eb doing in terms of water amount or ?

Or maybe it's just which case anyone have any luck fixing one? I called SLT to see about finding another one at another store somewhere but they showed no inventory in any of their stores.

It's still beautiful but after years of using an electric kettle with auto-off I admit I'm afraid of boiling it dry with no whistle....

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  1. I hope that you see this reply. I, too, have one of these kettles and I noticed that if the top was not firmly seated it would not whistle. Did you ever resolve your issue?

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      Nope, still doesn't whistle properly. It's OK, it's still lovely. I've learned to pay attention and have yet to boil it dry so far!

    2. My curiosity was piqued by this post, so I looked up Simplex. Turns out they are being made again. Here is a link to the website:

      These kettles are lovely. I have a Chantal myself, picked it up on the clearance rack at Williams Sonoma. But I would love to have the coil bottom Simplex.

      1. This thread makes my heart ache a little. I had a beautiful Simplex copper kettle that I accidentally let boil dry. It turned a tarnished burnt purply gray. Before I could figure out what to do, my husband tossed it on trash day. I missed digging it out of the bin by about 15 minutes. I still feel like I owe that lovely kettle an apology.

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          Was the divorce messy?

          1. re: kaleokahu

            HAHAHA! I'm still married to the silly fool! It wasn't a fun day at the house. He felt horrible about it and I let him stew. He told me to replace it and that's when I found out that they were discontinued. Until I saw this thread I had let it go, well except for the occasional dig when I have to use the crappy kettle that I have now. I see that there's a seller on Amazon that is taking pre-orders. I am not holding my breath and I will wait to see if they actually start selling them again.

            1. re: mkatieq

              There's a reason the British call the smallest teakettles "bachelor" kettles.

        2. Hi, ziggylu:

          You might want to contact the manufacturer.


          1. The original comment has been removed