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Dec 31, 2011 07:55 AM

Dine About Town, SF coming Jan 15-31, 2012 - any you going to try?

Any restaurants you are going to try? We tried Ana Madera - that one is not worth trying.


1300 on Fillmore American Dinner Fillmore
54 Mint Ristorante Italian - Northern Italian Lunch and Dinner Union Square
5A5 Steak Lounge Steak Houses Dinner Financial District
Absinthe Brasserie & Bar French Lunch Hayes Valley
Amber India Restaurant Indian Lunch and Dinner Yerba Buena
Ana Mandara Vietnamese Lunch and Dinner Fisherman's Wharf
Anchor & Hope Seafood Lunch SOMA - Yerba Buena
Andalu International Dinner Mission District
Anzu Restaurant Steak Houses Lunch and Dinner Union Square
Asia SF Californian Dinner SOMA
Aurea Californian Dinner Nob Hill
B44 Spanish Dinner Financial District
Bisou French Bistro French Dinner Castro
Blowfish Sushi To Die For Japanese Dinner Mission District
Bottle Cap American Dinner North Beach
Butterfly Californian Lunch and Dinner Embarcadero
Café Bastille French Dinner Financial District
Café Claude French Dinner Union Square
Café des Amis Brasserie - Cafe Dinner Cow Hollow - Union Street
Campton Place Restaurant Californian Lunch Union Square
Catch Restaurant Seafood Dinner Castro
Chapeau! French Dinner Richmond District
Chaya Brasserie East - West Lunch and Dinner Embarcadero
Chez Papa Bistrot French Lunch and Dinner Potrero Hill
Chez Papa Resto French Lunch SOMA
Chouchou French Dinner West Portal - Forest Hill
Chouquet's Restaurant French Lunch and Dinner Pacific Heights
Cityhouse Californian Lunch and Dinner Union Square
Claudine American Lunch and Dinner
Cliff House American Lunch and Dinner Ocean Beach - Zoo
Credo Italian - Northern Italian Dinner Financial District
Cupola Italian - Northern Italian Lunch and Dinner Union Square
Destino & Pisco Latin Lounge Nuevo Latino Dinner Hayes Valley
Dosa on Fillmore Indian Dinner Japantown - Fillmore
Dosa on Valencia Indian Dinner Mission District
Ducca Italian - Northern Italian Lunch and Dinner Yerba Buena
E & O Trading Co. Asian Lunch and Dinner Union Square
E Tutto Qua Italian - Northern Italian Dinner North Beach
Eastside West American Lunch and Dinner Cow Hollow - Union Street
Eclipse Restaurant and Lounge Californian Lunch and Dinner Embarcadero
First Crush Restaurant, Wine Bar & Lounge American Dinner Union Square
Fish & Farm Californian Dinner Union Square
Foreign Cinema Californian Dinner Mission District
Fringale French Dinner SOMA
Garcon Restaurant French Dinner Mission District
Garibaldis Mediterranean Lunch and Dinner Laurel Heights
Georges Seafood Dinner Financial District
Grand Café French Lunch Union Square
Grandviews American Lunch and Dinner Union Square
Hana Zen Sushi & Yakitori Bar Japanese Lunch and Dinner Union Square
Hyde Street Bistro French Dinner Nob Hill
Isa Restaurant French Dinner Marina
Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen Brewpubs - Taprooms Lunch and Dinner Union Square
Kuleto's Italian Restaurant Italian - Northern Italian Lunch and Dinner Union Square
La Mar Cebichería Peruana Peruvian Lunch Embarcadero
La Scene Café & Bar Californian Dinner Union Square
Lafitte French Lunch and Dinner Embarcadero
LarkCreekSteak Steak Houses Lunch and Dinner Union Square
Le Central French Dinner Union Square
Le Charm French Bistro French Dinner SOMA
Le Colonial Vietnamese Dinner Union Square
Le Zinc French Bistro French Lunch and Dinner Noe Valley
Level III Californian Lunch and Dinner Union Square
Luce American Lunch and Dinner SOMA - Yerba Buena
Luella Californian Dinner Russian Hill
Luna Park Californian Lunch and Dinner Mission District
Marlowe American Lunch SOMA
Maverick American Dinner Mission District
Nob Hill Grille American Dinner Nob Hill
Nombe Restaurant Japanese Lunch and Dinner Mission District
One Market Restaurant American Lunch and Dinner Embarcadero
Oola Restaurant & Bar American Lunch and Dinner SOMA
Paul K Restaurant Mediterranean Dinner Hayes Valley
Plouf French Dinner Financial District
Presidio Social Club American Lunch and Dinner Presidio
Puccini and Pinetti Italian - Northern Italian Dinner Union Square
Radius Californian Lunch SOMA
Restaurant LuLu French Dinner SOMA
Ristorante Specchio Italian - Northern Italian Dinner Mission District
Roots American Dinner Union Square
Roy's Hawaiian Fusion East - West Dinner Yerba Buena
Ruth's Chris Steak House Steak Houses Dinner Civic Center
Salt House American Lunch SOMA - Yerba Buena
Sauce American Dinner Hayes Valley
Scoma's Restaurant Seafood Lunch and Dinner Fisherman's Wharf
Sens Restaurant Mediterranean Lunch and Dinner Embarcadero
Skool Restaurant Seafood Dinner SOMA
Sociale Italian - Northern Italian Lunch and Dinner Sacramento Street
Spruce American Lunch Sacramento Street
Supperclub San Francisco Continental Dinner SOMA
TRES Tequila Lounge & Mexican Kitchen Mexican Dinner South Beach
The Cosmopolitan Restaurant.Bar American Lunch and Dinner Embarcadero
The Laurel Court Restaurant and Bar Continental Lunch Nob Hill
The Moss Room Californian Dinner Golden Gate Park - Sunset
The Oak Room Restaurant American Lunch and Dinner Union Square
ThirstyBear Brewing Company and Spanish Cuisine Spanish Dinner Yerba Buena
Tommy Toy's Cuisine Chinoise Chinese Lunch and Dinner Financial District
Town Hall Restaurant American Lunch SOMA
Trace Restaurant Californian Lunch and Dinner Yerba Buena
Trademark- American Grill & Bar American Lunch and Dinner Financial District
Vicoletto Italian - Northern Italian Dinner North Beach
Waterbar Seafood Lunch Embarcadero
Waterfront Restaurant Seafood Lunch and Dinner Embarcadero
Zingari Ristorante Italian - Northern Italian Lunch and Dinner Union Square
bushi-tei French Nouvelle Dinner Japantown

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  1. How is Dine About Town? I'm coming from Boston where its Restaurant Week is looked at with a bit of disdain by chowhounders. Often restaurants put together subpar menus and do not put forth their best effort to feed the masses that descend. While I understand the appeal to those who wouldn't normally be able to afford some of the higher end restaurants, it still feels like they're getting a raw deal. All that said, maybe the vibe in SF is different? Chouchou is right down the street from me and the menus for these 2 weeks look quite good. I'd be willing to give it a go.

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    1. re: Spenbald

      I've been to about ten places during DAT, and have come to realize that it's not all that worth it. According to another CH thread I read, the staff are overworked and tend to get lower tips from patrons than they're used to. I've noticed poor service at places that are otherwise known for being attentive. Here are some issues you should think about before going to a place:
      (1) Does the restaurant offer a prix fixe menu at the same price, or even cheaper, the rest of the year? If so, skip DAT.
      (2) Would you normally spend $35 pre-tax/tip at the place anyway? Some places aren't that expensive to begin with, so you wind up paying for a dessert that is probably not great. Come to think of it, I've ever had a great dessert during DAT.
      (3) Can you get a better online deal or coupon during the rest of the year? Several of the DAT places are on or, both of which can give you big discounts. Chouchou used to be on not sure if it still is.
      (4) Don't go to Supperclub. The DAT food was cheap, poorly prepared, and they literally served the dessert in a dog bowl.
      (5) Oakland has an equivalent of Restaurant week too.
      (6) You can always go to a place, and not order the DAT menu.
      (7) Make sure the places have a few options per course. There's nothing worse than eating the same three courses as your other dinner companions.

      1. re: hyperbowler

        That's pretty much my experience. Often it amounts to limited choice in exchange for a free dessert that I don't really want.

        This year, the only expensive places I see with DAT dinner deals are Ducca and Luce, both fancy Italian places in hotels that are way down my list of places to try.

      2. re: Spenbald

        About half of the place we've done DAT (around 15)have been good in terms of food. I think it's good if you normally order 3 course when you go out, if the cost per person is less than what you would normally spend and if you want to try a place you would normally go to and I like to give business in a down time. I've only had poor service issues once. I think the bigger issue is that during DAT there are large tables that go out to it and the kitchens can handle the volume and the food quality suffers.

        Most on the list are quite decent places.

        1. re: Spenbald

          first, notice there few of the top restaurants on the list. COI, Saison, Crenn, missing. So you're not getting a $150/pp experience for $40. I mean, Ruth's Chris is on the list. (There are some very nice midrange restaurants that I adore on the list, don't get me wrong).

          second, I found you'd save maybe 10 bucks. If I'm an infrequent diner, for 10 bucks more I'd rather get what I want to eat instead of their choices.

          Take Skool, for example. Nice place. The great dish is the uni flan. You shouldn't go there and not order the uni flan. I bet it's not on the DAT list.

          1. re: bbulkow

            bbulkow: what are some of the midrange restaurants that you adore on the list?

        2. That said, further examining ChouChou's website, they seem to offer the same exact menu at the same price Sunday through Thursday. No need to try it out during a potentially crazy two weeks.

          1. one market and spruce are good choices.

            how was the dessert itself at supperclub? the dogbowl part doesn't bother me

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            1. re: vulber

              $35 for diner at Luce with Daniel Corey, sous chef under Madeleine Crenn, now with his

              star, is a great buy. Sleek, modern, low decible meal with spacious seating. Great wine list and service, besides.

              1. re: vulber

                Supperclub's dessert was strawberries and cream with a sweet cheese stuffed crispy wonton. This was a June DAT and even then the strawberries weren't especially good. The main was a chicken breast with pea puree and sautéed carrots. Pretty boring stuff.

                My experience at One Market DAT was mixed. The server was haughty and even mocked my friend's mispronunciation of a menu item. The food had strong points such as a pimenton spiced tuna amuse bouche and a roasted duck breast. On the other hand the duck confit was dry. The complexity of the dishes and presentations seemed like a good deal for $35.

                Spruce is doing dinner this year? I may check that out. They only did lunch a year or so ago.

                One Market Restaurant
                1 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

                657 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94107

              2. Could someone please recommend a restaurant on the list that I should take my friends too for a birthday? I was considering supperclub because it's so less expensive compared to normal but if the food is crap I don't wanna go. Also a show would have been fun with dinner.

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                1. re: Mariska_b

                  Definitely don't go to Supperclub for the food. It's just bad. Honestly, even as a club it feels like it had its moment 10 years ago, like AsiaSF (also on the list), and has been hanging by fingernails on ever since. I've had a surprisingly delicious meal at 1300 on Fillmore and it's right next to Yoshi's. Dosa on Fillmore is more upscale than the Mission one, has a good cocktail program, and is across from the Sundance Kabuki theater. Absinthe is a go to place after any city arts&lectures/symphony/opera happenings. I'd pick any of these food/show combos over Supperclub in a tiny heartbeat. Also Foreign Cinema plays movies on their patio, has nice little bar in front if you want to extend your evening, and is also next to Medjool which has live and dj music for dancing (crowd is 20s/30s).

                2. On the DAT website, if you click the lunch/dinner link for each restaurant, it tells you their DAT menu. Some are posted, others are listed for having "menus coming soon."


                  FWIW, there are 4 Michelin 1-star places on the list. Luce and One Market have their lunch and dinner DAT menus posted. Campton Place and Spruce only have lunch DAT offers, and none has a complete menu posted.

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                  1. re: hyperbowler

                    In past years, quite often the online menu does not match what is actually served. Sometimes this is really crummy because the online menu is much more interesting.