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Dec 31, 2011 07:28 AM

Looking for the best authentic Hungarian cookbook

Any recommendations? Available in either English or French. I have read June's website and am considering purchasing that book but just looking for other ideas as well.

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  1. Sorry, I finally figured out the search function and found a previous post, thanks!

    1. I have Gourmet Pot by Kálmán Tolnai, with such authentic recipes as (pork) "kidney and brains with mushroom." Is that what you're looking for?

      This is in English, but with measures by weight (grams).

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        1. In English, George Lang's, no questions asked. I've seen zillions of them. This one's huge, and informative. (Also has multiple recipes for lung, as long as we're getting macho.)

          But get it used; try

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            I second this recommendation, I have a 1971 version, and I love the recipes from it. It was a gift from one of my Mom's Hungarian friends, and is deemed fairly authentic.

          2. It's small and not terribly comprehensive, but Gundel's Hungarian Cookbook, a collection of recipes from Karoly Gundel of the Gundel Restaurant in Budapest, offers a very good selection of authentic Hungarian dishes prepared in the traditional manner, with some inevitable modern ones done in the Hungarian style - 124 recipes in all, plus historical notes and a short treatise on Hungarian cooking. Corvina Kiadó is the listed author, Ágnes Kádár the translator, published and printed in Hungary 1986. Got mine for $1 at an estate sale, apparently, but I've seen other copies. No ISBN #, sorry. Go talk to Amazon.