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Dec 31, 2011 07:19 AM

Fortune Closed

We learned yesterday that the Fortune at the Oak Ridge Center closed this week. A person who may have been connected with the restaurant told us that the owners will reopen in March at the former Pink Pearl location on Hastings. Although not often mentioned here, we liked Fortune for dim sum, especially the steamed items.

This is the second of our regular dim sum venues to have closed in the last several months (the other having been the Spicy Court) -- we may be jinxed! Visits this week to Dai Tung and Neptune (especially the Neptune) were good, but we need new ideas. Suggestions?

Fortune Restaurant
650 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z4M4, CA

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  1. We've had some pretty tasty dimsum at Good Choice in the last few months. Avoid anything with clams in it though :-). They open pretty early and take reservations which is handy, plus lots of free parking in the lots on 44th.

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    1. re: grayelf

      +1 for Good Choice -- had a fantastic dinner there the other day (though haven't yet tried their DS).

    2. Thanks. Interesting intel. I was wondering what was happening with the old PP space.

      1. And is it also true that Spicy Court kitty corner to Oakridge/Fortune no longer does dim sum now ?

        That leaves a big hole for dim sum in that part of town. Does Flamingo at 57th do dim sum ?

        I know for sure the new place at Cambie/Marine Drive (used to be Four Oceans) now replaced by The Roc that used to be on Kingsway between Knight and Fraser does dim sum, and pretty good too since we've been there.

        1. This was our introducton to higher quality dim sum back in the ninties. They had a dim sum sandwichboard out when we went past on a bus after a cruise. When we got to our car, we came back and had dim sum there. They weren't prepared for English only customers but we finally convincedd them that we could pick from the carts. Started our search for great dim sum in the Vancouver area!

          Haven't been for a couple of years. Was planning on going next week when we'll be in Richmond for our January dim sum.


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            Welcome back, Iona! Where are you planning on going this year?