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Dec 31, 2011 07:09 AM

Quick sauce for farfalle?

I have got a few boxes of farfalle pasta at my shelf. I love spaghetti aglio olio but that tastes good with spaghetti only. I often toss the farfalle with butter, garlic and cheese. What are theother easy and quick ways of making farfalle? Something that doesn't take long like a marinara or bolognese sauce?

I serve pasta as a side dish most of the time. So idea for a light and fast pasta dish would be highly appreciated.

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  1. I love Giada Di Laurentiis' Farfelle with Broccoli from the Food Network website. Sometimes I serve it as the main dish and others as the side dish. I don't know if you are an anchovy fan or not. But I hate anchovies, but when I saw Giada make it she swore you would never know that there is anchovy in this and she was right.

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      That sounds nice. I think sometimes broccoli can be substituted by spinach. Thank you.

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        That sounds like a great substitution! BTW, here's a link to the recipe

    2. 1/2 lb ground veal
      3Tb butter
      salt pepper onion garlic to your taste
      (1/8 ts ground cumin)
      1small finely chopped tomato
      brown meat in butter add all else stir till right consistency drop cooked far fallow in stir

      1. I used to think Italian dishes should be complicated to be great. I realized simple can be a route to greatness as well. I had an older Italian friend who I'd make sausage with. His wife would cook us lunch or dinner and pasta was always part of the meal. her sauce was quick, simple, and very good. I must admit it took me a few times to fully appreciate its simplicity.
        1/2 head garlic, minced
        1 onion chopped fine
        2 stems worth fresh basil chiffonade
        ~ 2 TBL dried oregano
        ~ 2 TBL dried parsely
        pinch of chili pepper
        1 bottle Italian strained tomato
        1 can quartered Italian tomatoes

        Sweat garlic/onion in oil (do not brown)
        Add strained tomatoes, stir in spices and basil, stir, simmer 10min
        Add tomatoes, break up a bit with a spoon, stir, simmer 10min

        1. With good canned tomatoes, you can make a basic tomato sauce in about 15 minutes. Slice two cloves garlic, saute in olive oil until light gold, add one can of tomatoes crushed by hand (along with juice in can). From there, your choices are many. 1. Add chopped olives, proscuitto/ham, parsley and hot pepper flakes. 2. Stir in some cream for a pink sauce. 3. Add onion/peppers browned with Italian sausage 4. Add browned eggplant/zucchini 5. Add diced mozzarella right before serving for a stringy cheesy sauce 5. Add any leftover meat cubed or shredded.

          1. farfalle's shape makes it nice to "trap" little bits of stuff. dice zucchini very small and sweat in butter. finish with lemon and mint. toss with pasta.

            this works well with peas too. put frozen peas in a colander while yhou cook the pasta. drain the boiling water and pasta over the peas. this will thaw them, but prevent them from being mushy. in the saucepot, add olive oil or butter, or both, to warm. add some thyme or mint. toss everything. garnish with chopped almonds.

            cook off some bacon or pancetta. remove from pan, reserving the fat. warm mushroom duxelles (which i make and freeze in portions), in this, then thin with a bit of cream. toss with pasta.

            left-over sausage and bleu cheese also go quite well on this. finish with chopped walnuts.

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              Just prior to draining ,add frozen peas then add the peas and pasta to a large bowl tossing with E.V.O. ,course black pepper, and pecorino romano . Fava's can be substituted.

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                hotoynoodle, can you please clear up paragraph two. I read it over and over. I just don't get, but the ingredients sound good. Well I just read it again. This time was the charm. I get it. Thanks for the tip.