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Dec 31, 2011 06:57 AM

teenager in Miami

I am bringing my teenage son to Miami for a doctors appointment and would like to find a place for dinner that has good portions (big teenage eater) for not a huge amount of money. Not crazy about Asian cuisine but other than that we are open to suggestions. I was thinking someplace in Coconut Grove so we could walk around before or after. He has never been to Miami and I havent been for years! Also, any suggestions for good Cuban and breakfast would be great.

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  1. Try Lokal burgers in Coconut Grove - I'm seeing good reports from them and I would think it's a good fit for your teenager too.

    1. There's also Jaguar, which I guess pan-Latin would be the best way to describe it. Menu goes from churrasco to tacos. It's just west of Cocowalk.